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Farar & Lewis LLP, a Riverside Personal Injury Law Firm, is dedicated to helping victims get the compensation they deserve. We work 1:1 with each of our clients, giving them 24/7 access to our attorneys. We get you the highest settlement possible, in the shortest amount of time.

While the Riverside personal injury lawyers at Farar & Lewis LLP realize no sum of money can ever really compensate victims for their injuries, we fight vigorously for your rights and try to get you the most compensation possible. We feel that no client should have to settle for less.

  • We have over 30 years of combined experience
  • We’ve handled some of the largest cases in California
  • We have won ten’s of millions of dollars in verdicts and settlements
  • We’re recognized as a leading Riverside personal injury law firm by places like Million Dollar Advocates Forum ,TOP Lawyer, SUPER Lawyer, and many other organizations.

At Farar & Lewis LLP, we’re here to work with you on all of needs, and make sure you get justly compensated for your pain and suffering, and any other financial losses you may have suffered.


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Benefits of Working with Professional Riverside Personal Injury Lawyers

Personal injuries happen millions of times each year, and it’s not incredibly uncommon for the average person to deal with at least one personal injury in their lifetime. You might be involved in an injury around the home or at work, but if you’re injured in an area that was caused by something that could have been prevented, you could easily receive compensation for your problems. This might include slipping on a patch of ice in front of a store that was not salted, or it could be having something fall off of the shelf in a store that was not put there properly.Dealing with this type of personal injury can be frustrating, devastating and downright annoying. If the injury was severe enough, you may even need to see a doctor or go to the hospital. If you don’t have health insurance, this in itself can be a problem for you. You might not have the funds to pay all of the medical bills, and they continue to pile up until you have collection agencies knocking at your door. It is time to get compensated for the personal injury that you have been involved in and are currently dealing with on your own.

Having a professional law group like our own will help any resident in or around Riverside to get compensated for a personal injury that they have sustained. Whether you had to seek medical treatment for the injury or you just had the accident and was able to walk away from it, this doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t try to receive compensation for your pain and suffering. There are many reasons for you to have a lawyer by your side when you are dealing with this type of accident and lawsuit.

Hiring a Personal Injury Attorney

Hiring an attorney can be one of the very best things you do for yourself when you’re dealing with a personal injury claim. A lot of people try to avoid hiring a lawyer, so they represent themselves in court with very bad outcomes. You may not have your case heard, paperwork might not have been filed correctly or you may just not receive the compensation that you were originally looking to get for yourself. This is why it might be time to think about hiring an attorney from our Farar Law Group.

Having a lawyer will help the entire process of going to court to go a lot easier for you and your case. Our Riverside personal injury lawyers will essentially take over the entire lawsuit for you to make sure that everything goes as smoothly as possible. They will file all of the paperwork that is necessary for the lawsuit to go through the court system. You may just need to sign a few documents while filing the paperwork, but everything else is going to be done by the attorney so that it’s something that you will not even have to do on your own.

The attorney is also the one who is going to go to court with you to ensure that your case is ultimately heard. If you are too injured to even go to court, the attorney can represent you and still get you compensation without you having to be there. This is really a good time to think about hiring a lawyer if you are dealing with a personal injury suit that you need help dealing with for yourself. The lawyer is the one who is there every step of the way to make sure that it all goes through smoothly and effortlessly.

Without a professional attorney from the Farar Law Group, you will probably try to represent yourself in the courtroom. For most people living in Riverside, trying to represent themselves in court often does not go as they had planned – that’s why you need a professional Riverside Personal Injury Lawyer who can help you. You may not receive any compensation at all, or your case might even be dismissed because you simply do not have the legal backing that you need to make sure that your case is being heard. When a lawyer is involved in the case, things go much more professionally, especially if the other person involved in the case also has their own lawyer who they are working with for the lawsuit.

The Farar Law Group – Premier Riverside Personal Injury Attorneys

Our expert attorneys have been working with clients who have been involved with personal injury cases for many, many years. We have the skills and knowledge behind us to make sure that you are getting help for just about any type of issue that you have at the moment. We will be there to both file all of the paperwork for you as well as to be there for you when you actually have to go to court.

The entire process of dealing with a personal injury case can be made a lot easier when you know you have legal assistance behind you every step of the way. Our experts at the Farar Law Group will also be there to answer just about any questions that you might have. We know how confusing and frustrating it can be to deal with a personal injury lawsuit for those living in Riverside, so we want to help you out by being the legal representation that you require to have your case heard and compensated.

Even if you were not in a severe enough accident to cause you medical bills, this still does not mean that you don’t deserve compensation for the personal injury that has been sustained. You may have missed work due to the injury, or you may have dealt with trauma that came as a result of the injury itself. Whatever the case, it’s important that you seek our experts to ensure that you have the right legal representation to get you through this tough time. You will find that it is easier to feel good about the outcome when you have an attorney by your side for the entire thing.

Working with Our Riverside Personal Injury Law Firm

For those who are living in Riverside, it’s great to know that there is a lawsuit there to help you during this rough time in your life. We can help you throughout the entire lawsuit, from the very beginning to the very end if this is what you are looking to achieve for yourself. We are also able to work on your budget, so be sure to ask us about fees and charges when you make the decision that working with an attorney is the right option for you.

If you feel that our law group of Farar can help you out with an upcoming case, it’s important that you contact us either by telephone, email or just by coming into our Riverside office. We will get you set up with one of our experienced lawyers to get the case started and filed for a future date. We will then be able to walk you through the entire process of filing a personal injury lawsuit so that you know exactly what you should expect before even getting into the courtroom. This puts your mind at complete ease and helps you to know that you have professional assistance that’s really going to come in handy.

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