Social Media Company

SchoolMatters is an award winning, and recognized, full service social media company. Our firm helps brands understand the power of social marketing, and how it can be used to meet business goals. Over the years, we’ve used social media to help businesses in many industries, which has helped us earn a reputation for being leaders, and pioneers, when it comes to social media strategies. We’re a company that has created a unique social media strategy, designed to be used in synergy with other marketing mediums, such as P.R., SEO, PPC, Traditional Marketing(Radio+TV), and more.

We provide: social media strategies, training, intelligence, and analytics, in order to help you ensure that social media results in an ROI.

We consistently: engage and expand with your audience across the web. We target influencers in your industry, and give them content which reflects positively on you. We create dialogues, where otherwise would be a void. We monitor user sentiment, and help you understand what others are saying about you.


The Social Media Process

Discovery: During this phase, our social media team learns about your business objectives, understands your website, pre-existing social media presence, and finds areas of improvement. We try to understand your ideal sales process, and determine how your current efforts may, or may not, be in synergy with this vision.

You can expect: During this phase you can expect the following from us.

  • Project Brief: We’ll discuss our idea of what your objectives and goals are, in addition to appropriate documentation that discusses next steps, goals, and phases.
  • Audience: We use tools to identify your audience, and try to create a user profile that takes into account their search patterns, interests, and influencers they follow.
  • Audit: We conduct a thorough audit of all social media mentions, and create a baseline for current social efforts. We use analytics data, imported from Google analytics, or some other tool, and cross-correlate that against current social media posts, and other P.R. efforts made. We try to visualize your current social footprint.
  • Competition Analysis: We look at other competitors who are leveraging social media, and help you understand what they are doing. We find things such as interviews, competitor mentions, and other tactics being employed, and measure the social media impact of each tactic. This data helps set goals and creates an understanding of next steps.


Strategy: Taking the data from the previous stage, we combine it with our past experiences, and create a strategy on your behalf. We create a plan that clearly defines objectives, measurable goals, and sets expectations for the coming months. We define the amount of shareable content you can expect created, and provide a plan on what we will do with that content, after creating it.

You can expect: During this phase you can expect the following from us.

  • Strategy: Our social media experts will define what the overall guiding strategy will be for your social media campaign.
  • Engagement Plan: We’ll provide a formulated strategy that discusses how users will be engaged, and what content will be necessary to do so.
  • Content Strategy: Content development goes hand in hand with our engagement plan. The content developed will reflect on your brand, and tie it into trending topics. We’ll provide you a list of content creation ideas, and help you determine which is the best in alignment with other marketing and advertising you may be doing.
  • Measurement Planning: We provide short term and long term business goals which you can measure.


Execution: During this phase, we implement suggestions made in the previous “Strategy” phase.

You can expect: During this phase you can expect the following from us.

  • Content created: During this phase, content is created, necessary to engage audiences. Our social media company works with you to understand current trending topics, and works to tie you into them.
  • Advertising: This is an optional component. In the event there are advertising opportunities, we work with you to understand, and create, an advertising budget that’ll allow you to reach a greater amount of people.


Analysis: After implementing suggestions during the execution phase, we analyze the impact of the work done. We analyze the campaign by using analytics tools, and measuring our performance on KPI’s.

You can expect: During this phase you can expect the following from us.

  • Monthly reporting: We provide monthly reporting that summarizes the work performed, and the results garnered.
  • Quarterly review: At the end of every business quarter, we setup an in-depth consultation, in person, or remotely, and discuss how the past quarter was. We discuss future goals, and discuss new opportunities based on trending topics.



We Use Social Media to Generate Sales and Engagement.

Social Media campaigns, when done with a strategy, can not only result in direct sales, but can percolate and result in sales through search engines such as Google, Bing, and Yahoo. Social Media is a great way to enhance your brand, while selling products, driving traffic, and helping cater to new, and old, customers.


Engage With Customers

Social Media can be used to engage customers in meaningful conversations. One of the best ways to retain customers, is to continuously engage with them. By constantly engaging with them, you create an emotional attachment between yours brand, and them. This emotional attachment results in continuous patronage.


Instant Customer Service

One of the best ways to leverage social media, is to use it as a medium for customer service. Social media allows companies to instantly deal with customer complaints. In many cases, nowadays customers are taking to the social media airwaves to express grievances. They expect a response! Not having a protocol, and team, in place can result in your brand looking outdated, or worse yet – not caring about consumer feedback! We can handle this for you, by communicating on your behalf!


Let Consumers Be Your Ambassadors

By creating content, and engaging with consumers via social media, you give consumers an opportunity to share your content, and be your ambassadors. Sharing content is one of the best ways for a consumer to not only help your brand —— but to also establish him/herself, as a thinker, amongst his/her circle of friends. By giving them fresh, new, thoughtful, content, you’re able to give consumers a sense of pride.