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Over 30 Years Of Experience

The team at SchoolMatters has decades of combined experience, helping brands create, and enhance, their online presence through creative web design, and cutting edge development.

Featured By Media

The team at SchoolMatters is composed of award winning, and well recognized marketing mavericks. We have been interviewed, and quoted, by leading news and media outlets all over the country.

Hundreds of Satisfied Brands

Over the years we've helped hundreds of companies with our branding and web design strategies. Contact us to speak to one of these satisfied clients, who have a similar business as yours. Our clients are our biggest selling tool!

As Seen On

Our NYC web design agency services some of the leading brands in the world, and utilizes that knowledge and experience to help companies of all sizes. Regardless of whether you’re a small/medium sized business, or a large Fortune 500 company, we can assist.

We create cutting edge websites, and mobile apps, that generate traffic, leads, and sales. We create meaningful websites with purpose.

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Here’s What We Do

We create a UNIQUE website, for each and every client, showcasing their strengths, and making them appear as the leader in their industry.

Responsive Web Design

Responsive web design makes it possible for your beautiful design on a desktop to translate into a captivating presence on smart phones and tablets. Our NYC web designers feel that in today’s multi-screen marketplace responsive website design is a must, for a modern website. Our NYC web developers create responsive websites, which increase conversion rates on mobile phones and tablets. Responsive website design is a necessity for high search engine rankings. Websites made by our web designers rank better.

Mobile App Design

Mobile apps are being leveraged by major enterprises for a few years now. With our scalable mobile app development approach, our web designers have opened this effective engagement tool to small and medium sized businesses. With our mobile apps, our company can create a compelling presentation and long term engagement with your potential clients. Our agency will plan, design, and develop, a stunning mobile application/website, that will take your business to the next level.

Content Management

Content management systems are robust, one size fits all, website solutions that are customized to your needs. Our NYC web designers identify your needs, and find the best solution that meets your budget, yet gets the job done. Our NYC web design firm provide a robust, customized, and reliable CMS, that is mobile friendly By customizing it, you get a design unique to you, and found nowhere else CMS options include: Joomla, WordPress, Drupal, Bitrix, and others

Online Marketing

Our New York marketing team focuses on one thing solely: revenue. Our goal is to increase your conversions, repeat visitors, and overall online visibility. We believe in steady growth, that occurs over a period of time, that lasts the test of time. We build BRANDS. We use SEO and PPC to increase overall traffic to your website. We focus on variables like cost per lead, and things that matter. We improve your brands image online, by focusing on things like reputation management, social media, and things that consumers look at.

We amplify the success of your business through design

At SchoolMatters, our only one, and only, unit of measurement of success is the ROI you achieve from our work. We focus all of our combined years of experience, in creating stunning websites that create an impact, inspire your audience, and create an AMAZING ROI.

Web design and development we do is created for the purpose of:

  • lead generation
  • engagement
  • sales/growth
  • inspire actions by consumers

Our Process

Step 1 - Any campaign begins with our team immersing ourself with every element of your company. We try to understand HOW and WHY, consumers behave in your industry. This phase is crucial in creating a solution that WORKS for your business.

Step 2 - The synthesis of creation, development, and continuous analysis at each step of the process, whether it be development, or creating copy – is what makes each and every project a success.

Step 3 - This is our overarching belief which propels us forward and guarantees our clients success. After deploying any campaign, we look for immediate consumer response in order to ensure the success of the campaign.

Mobile App Design & Development

We don’t build redundant apps. We create apps that are memorable, that people talk, and use, over and over again. We focus on MEANINGFUL mobile apps.
We don’t take anything that comes our way. We only hand-pick the best ideas, and transform them into apps. The success of your app, is just as important to us as building it. If we don’t think the app will succeed, we won’t build it.

Creative Designs

We create custom desktop apps so that users can interact with websites as though they’re native applications. We work with our clients to understand the needs and expectations for the user experience.

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Why Us?

We’re a team of experts who love to create beautiful online experiences and innovative solutions.

Max Soni CEO

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Alexander Aksenov Director

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Moishe Soloway Developer

Credibly reintermediate backend ideas for cross-platform models. Continually reintermediate integrated processes.

Jesse Williamson Director

Appropriately empower dynamic leadership skills after business portals. Globally myocardinate interactive supply.

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