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Farar & Lewis LLP Scholarship Programs

Farar & Lewis LLP has offered numerous scholarship initiatives to help students excel, and succeed in life. For years, we’ve sponsored charities, and provided scholarships for the advancement of students. SchoolMatters is our initiative, to support the advancement of students, all over the USA. Funding for, comes from Farar & Lewis LLP, in addition to a number of other private companies such as Delancey Street, Waist Karma, and others. Through this initiative, we help fund the next generation of scholars. Learn more about our programs, and contact us if you’d like to join our initiative.

Annual College Scholarship Program


Farar & Lewis LLP offer’s 2 annual scholarships, each for $1000 – to qualifying students. The scholarships purpose is to help students who have persevered through hardships, and obstacles, and yet are in the process of getting an education. Students who have faced challenges, and have grown thanks to those challenges, are encouraged to share their story with us. We ask for their GPA, and grades. Our goal is to help students facing immense adversities, who have excelled in their education. Those who best exhibit this motif, are awarded the annual scholarship.

Annual Law School Student Scholarship Program


This new scholarship initiative was started in 2016. Geared specifically towards law school/policscience students, it rewards law school students and political science students who have persevered in life – and have gotten an education. With a focus on helping students who have faced hardships in life, we award an annual, and renewable $1000 scholarship to students. Our goal is to help students who have faced difficulties in life, yet have succeeded in getting an education – or are in the process of getting one. We recognize being able to get to this point is an accomplishment, in itself, and want to reward those who have gotten to this point.

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