Alcohol-Related Offenses

Alcohol-Related Offenses

Alcohol-Related Offenses: A Common Violation on College and University Campuses

It comes as no surprise that Alcohol-Related Offenses are a prevalent issue on college and university premises. As a legal representative, we handle cases concerning students charged with alcohol-related violations of their institution’s code of conduct. These offenses may occur both on and off-campus, and may include the following:

1. Use, possession, manufacturing, or distribution of alcoholic beverages or alcoholic products within school grounds.
2. Constructive possession of alcoholic beverages or products whereby possession is defined as having the presence of these items in an area under one’s control such as a residence hall room assigned to the student, or a vehicle.
3. Getting publicly intoxicated within school premises, official college or university functions/activities either on-campus or off-campus.
4. Underage use of alcohol which includes purchasing or attempting to purchase it by someone under the legal age limit.
5. Excessive consumption of alcohol leading to a drunken state. Excessive use generally encompasses situations resulting in unpredictable behavior like requiring medical attention, inability to function without assistance from others and losing control over bodily functions.
6. Selling or providing (including trying to sell or provide) alcoholic beverages or similar products to minors without authorization both on-campus and off-campus.
7. Hosting parties that take place in residential areas like residence halls and apartments where drugs and/or alcoholic drinks are available.
8. Driving while intoxicated; being drunk includes driving with blood alcohol content level at .08 or greater for individuals aged 21 years old and above, while persons below the age limit must maintain a .02 blood-alcohol-concentrate (BAC) level.

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If you’re facing Alcohol-Related disciplinary charges for yourself or your student, don’t hesitate to contact Todd Spodek – experienced student defense attorney today!

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