Anthony M. DiLoreto

Anthony M. DiLoreto

A Highly Proficient Attorney: Anthony DiLoreto


Anthony DiLoreto, a litigation associate, has a wealth of knowledge and experience in the state of New Jersey’s legal industry. Growing up in Cherry Hill and Medford, he graduated from Rutgers Law School in Camden, NJ, where he also interned for three years at the Burlington County Prosecutor’s Office. He received the Richard M. Barbour Memorial Award for his commitment to criminal law practice.

Education Background

Anthony holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in history from Temple University in Philadelphia, PA. As an outstanding scholar throughout his academic life at Rutgers University Law School, Anthony has acquired invaluable experience and knowledge that enables him to handle different types of cases.

Years Of Experience

Anthony has represented thousands of clients who have faced criminal charges and traffic violations across South Jerseys municipal and superior courts. He is conversant with all court procedures throughout NJ and has helped many individuals with different charges such as child endangerment, drug-induced death charges, aggravated assault, burglary, and driving while intoxicated (DWI).

Areas Of Practice

As a member of reputable associations within his field like the National Lawyers Guild and American Bar Association, Anthony focuses most of his practice on criminal defense and appeals across NJ municipal, state and federal courts. He extends his services to other sectors such as personal injury claims where he champions justice for victims.

Anthony’s skills extend into professional license defense cases whereby he draws upon years of experience to protect professionals’ credentials when faced with charges or allegations relating to ethical misconduct or negligence.

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Moreover, Anthony offers funeral industry defense services for professionals operating in that sector whenever they face legal challenges relating to their profession.

The Services Offered By DiLoreto includes:

Areas of Practice Services Offered by DiLoreto
Criminal Defense & Appeals in Municipal, State and Federal courts. Expert guidance throughout the criminal defense and appeals process.
Personal Injury claims. Accident investigation and compensation calculation alongside emotional coaching from an experienced injury attorney.
Professional License Defense. Strong Advocacy for licensed professionals facing suspension, revocation or disciplinary action.
Civil Rights Law. Fight for fair compensation for clients whose civil rights may have been infringed upon.
• Legal representation in charges related to the Funeral industry.

Achievements and Accolades Received by Anthony

Anthony has numerous achievements throughout his legal career, including:

  • Richard M. Barbour Memorial Award for exceptional performance in criminal law advocacy
  • Recognition as a go-to defense attorney in South Jersey region
  • Certified Municipal Court Attorney


Anthony is committed to providing his clients with effective and reliable legal representation to ensure that they get the best possible outcome for their case. His wealth of experience and knowledge acquired over the years enables him to handle a vast array of cases, including complex ones. Contact Anthony today for comprehensive legal representation services across NJ’s different courts.

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