Arizona Title IX Appeal Advisor

Arizona Title IX Appeal Advisor

Title IX: Your Right to Appeal and Grounds for an Appeal

If you’re attending an Arizona college or university, it is good to know that Title IX applies to your school too. Title IX forbids gender-based discrimination in federally funded educational institutions and programs, which includes sexual harassment, sexual assault, and other types of discriminatory acts on college campuses. When a school receives a complaint involving sexual misconduct under the Act, the educational institution must take immediate action for resolution. The Act permits students who are “responsible” for violating the school’s policy to appeal this decision and/or sanction. It is essential to understand what your right to appeal entails as well as the requirements for filing an appeal.

Your Right to Appeal

Title IX appellate processes in schools share similar characteristics with the criminal justice system but have different intentions. These procedures aim to keep relevant authorities accountable for their decisions while ensuring fair outcomes at all times. If youve been found “responsible” under Title IX proceedings, this decision comes with severe consequences such as suspension or expulsion from school, which can negatively impact your academic and professional goals.

Appeal Procedures

Appealing a determination or sanction should be done by developing an effective appeal plan in conjunction with a student defense attorney. In Arizona, each college has its unique content and submission guidelines that vary from one another; hence seeking expert guidance will enhance your understanding of relevant deadlines, dates and more specifics.
There are specific grounds on which one can base an appeal that relates to procedural errors or mistakes executed during disciplinary processes according to Title IX law in Arizona. However, proving innocence does not constitute valid grounds for an appeal.The four appropriate grounds include:

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A violation of due process rights: Institutions stripped a student of their entitlements under Title IX and failed to maintain proper protocol.
New Evidence Available: Evidence was not made available during hearing sessions but supports the respondent’s claims substantially
Disproportionate Sanction: Sanctions imposed were greater than the alleged violation.
Procedural Error: Essential mistakes made at any stage of the disciplinary process that may have affected decisions and the outcome of sanctions.

Arizona Title IX Appeal Advisors

An expert Phoenix student defense attorney knows how stressful an appeal can be; hence it is advisable to seek expert help from a skilled Arizona Student Defense Attorney who has experience in handling numerous cases with appreciable results. Todd Spodek has fought for victims involved in Title IX allegations by submitting compelling and effective appeals which helped many students to overcome their specific situations. He possesses the right expertise, skill, and experience needed to represent his clients promptly till the end of each case.

Schools in Arizona

Arizona as a state comprises several colleges and universities that are regulated under Title IX including:
– American Indian College of the Assemblies of God, Inc
– Argosy University Phoenix
– Argosy University Phoenix Online Division
– Arizona Christian University
– Arizona College of Allied Health
– Arizona State University
– Arizona Western College
– Brown Mackie College Phoenix/Tucson,
– Central Arizona College
– Chamberlain College of Nursing Arizona
– Chandler/Gilbert Community College Cochise College
– Coconino Community College
-College America Flagstaff/Phoenix Collins College
– DeVry University Arizona Dine College
-Eastern Arizona College
-Everest College Phoenix Fortis College Phoenix Gateway Community College Glendale Community College Golf Academy of America Chandler Grand Canyon University International Baptist College ITT Technical Institute Phoenix/West/Tempe/Tucson Le Cordon Bleu College of Culinary Arts Scottsdale Mesa Community College Mohave Community College National Paralegal College Northcentral University Prescott Northern Arizona University Northland Pioneer College Paradise Valley Community Colleges Phoenix/ Pima County Prescott Collage Rio Salado Collage Sanford Brown College Phoenix Scottsdale Community Collage
– Southwest University of Visual Arts Tucson The Art Institute of Phoenix/Tucson Tohono O’Odham Community College University of Advancing Technology (private) ,University of Arizona, University of Phoenix Online Campus /Phoenix Hohokam Campus/Southern Arizona.
– Western International University,
– Yavapai college.

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Todd Spodek’s decade-long experience fighting for the future of his clients in universities and colleges across the country gave him a reputation as one who does not settle for less; he ensures his clients’ needs and wellbeing come first, and while serving as Title IX advisors to students facing disciplinary cases, has positively impacted hundreds of students in the nation. Todd Spodek is a licensed attorney in Pennsylvania and New Jersey who is committed to representing his clients nationwide.

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