If you’ve been a victim of a personal injury, then have no fear – Farar & Lewis LLP, a Bankers Hill  personal injury law form, is here to help you get proper and fair compensation. We ensure that our clients are taken care of and put back together after an incident. If you’ve recently experienced a personal injury crime, you’ll want to contact us specifically, as we’ve been in the business for over 30 years, and have helped many like you before receive just compensation for their injuries.

Other than our numerous years of experience, dedicated staff, and personal caring for each and every victim, what else do we have to show for our efforts?
• Millions of dollars we’ve won for our clients
• Handling some of the largest cases on personal injury
• Being recognized as a leading company in our field by other top rated companies and the media. Not only are we Top Rated Lawyers and members of the Million Dollar Advocates Forum, but we’re lawyers that care about our clients.

No matter what time of day, we’re always open to answer any and all of your questions here at Farar & Lewis LLP. Don’t spend a fortune with other companies – not only do we give you a free evaluation of your case, but we also don’t charge a single dime unless we’ve successfully won the case for you. We will even come to see you if your injuries are too severe for transportation, as we consider ourselves one of the premier personal injury firms of Bankers Hill .

Now you’re asking yourself, why do I need Farar & Lewis LLP when I can just speak directly with an insurance company? We’ve helped enough clients to know that going to the insurance company unprepared and without a personal injury firm on your side is a recipe for disaster. Much like other larger companies, an insurance company is invested in their shareholders, and will cut corners to save costs on any and all payouts to keep shareholders happy. Fortunately for you, Farar & Lewis LLP have the power as a premier personal injury law firm to go toe to toe with the insurance companies to get you settlements far above what these companies normally allow.

No matter what predicament you find yourself in, from medical malpractice, car accident, product defect, construction accident, and more, we will help you win your case.