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The Importance of an Attorney-Advisor for Respondents in Bard College’s Title IX Disciplinary Process

Title IX is a federal law that plays a critical role in preventing sexual misconduct in colleges and universities that receive funds from the government. Any type of sexual assault, rape, harassment, or violation of this law in Bard College requires prompt resolution as per the institution’s administrative policies. However, facing allegations of such misconduct can have serious life-altering consequences if you are found responsible. As such, having an attorney-advisor can be immensely significant to navigate through these proceedings.

Bard College has robust measures to deal with cases arising from Title IX violations. It must, by law, investigate any complaints it receives about incidents involving sexual misconduct promptly and impartially. Failure to do so may result in loss of federal funding for the institution. Both complainants and respondents should recognize that their school approaches allegations against them with utmost seriousness.

Reporting Your Complaint

If you experience or witness any act of sexual misconduct while at Bard College, it is recommended that you report your complaint to the Title IX Coordinator immediately following the incident. Reporting promptly will aid preservation of evidence and ensure necessary medical attention and police involvement.

Preliminary Inquiry

In all cases where complaints regarding sexual violations arise, Bard College’s policy requires a preliminary inquiry undertaken by Title IX Coordinator assigned . During this phase, the coordinator highlights your rights under the Student Bill of Rights and establishes whether an institutional investigation is needed to resolve your complaint better.

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Institutional Investigation

The primary task during this phase is to conduct an investigation upon determining there are grounds for an Institutional Investigation. The investigators appointed are usually trained students or members within the department that focus on gender equality reviews based on guidance from U.S Department of Education guideline reports . All parties affected have equal opportunity to present any required evidence supporting their respective positions , including witness testimony narratives relevant to support claims raised .

Generally speaking, anything offered as evidence to operate solely to provide information about the character, location of incident, and other extraneous qualities for both parties (complete transparency) are not admissible in these hearings as no point is being addressed to settle or verify intentions . Once the investigators finish their report compiling available information and evidence relating to a claimant’s charge against you, the college takes up its role to ensure a proper and thorough review.

Notification of Outcome

After reviewing any findings collected throughout investigation process, the adjudicators prepare reports containing all details accepted as evidence during review. Further from this , written data contains details of party wrongly accused or guilty of causing sexual violence in Bard College. Finally, before notifying your Title IX Coordinator, both parties shall receive copies of outcomes viewed as essential before any new steps concerning appeals can begin .


When making an appeal at Bard College you must carefully note that a reason needs demonstrating will need basing off three specific circumstances . One instance is when there has been some procedural irregularity where that particular issue would negatively affect case outcomes badly. It would need examination again further. Additionally, if new and credible evidence becomes available somehow which significantly pertains to case facts then that could enable proceedings to restart again . Finally one final consideration could be if the punishment handed down by disciplinary actions has been unfair compared with the context at hand , particularly if it affects you disproportionately.

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New York Title IX Attorney

Sexual misconduct allegations can take quite extensive time periods judge outside courts of law particularly at Bard College where strict regulations set out by official board requires adherence by all who operate on campus. Due to such complexities inherently present in Title IX hearings themselves , it is advisable for anyone undergoing this type of challenge to seek aid and guidance from attorneys experienced in navigating through such legal procedures successfully often called upon for assistance . Todd Spodek attorney gladly extends his services should you face charges regarding conduct violations under Title IX in Bard College. You may contact him on the number given above, i.e., 212-300-5196 or fill out the online form for consultation, discussing more in detail about steps you should take to defend against the allegations being raised.

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