Berkeley College of New York

Berkeley College of New York

Why You Need a Title IX Attorney-Advisor If You are Accused of Sexual Misconduct at the Berkeley College of New York

Title IX is a fundamental law that prohibits sexual misconduct in colleges and universities that receive federal funding. The rules apply to numerous cases ranging from sexual harassment, rape, sexual assault, to any acts of gender discrimination. Suppose you’re accused of any form of sexual misconduct at the Berkeley College of New York; that amounts to a Title IX violation, which threatens your education journey. You need to begin navigating through the complex college disciplinary process immediately with the assistance of an attorney-advisor.

Berkeley College of New York’s Disciplinary Process

A case brought under Title IX requires that higher institutions such as Berkeley hear it out and progressively resolve it amicably without intimidating either party involved. According to the Department of Education requirements, schools have an obligation to react promptly and equitably when faced with allegations on violations that jeopardize students’ safety while learning. Thus they need to address reported cases seriously or risk losing their federal funding.

Filing Your Complaint

An individual can lodge a complaint with the Title IX coordinator detailing names and incidences involving parties allegedly involved. Name witnesses present in the scene and submit evidence comprising relevant correspondence such as emails, social media chats, text messages, among others. There’s no specific timeline for filing if an incident happened long ago; however, quick reporting increases chances for successful investigations.

Preliminary Meeting

Following receipt of your complaint by the coordinator office, they’ll schedule a preliminary meeting within seven days (one week). During this session, you’ll be informed about everything related to investigation processes conducted by officials investigating your case – including expected course timelines – and be allowed to confess more evidence supporting your claims’ legitimacy.

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The Investigation

The next thirty days will have investigators gathering every inch detail relating or supporting accusatory claims made against you during its independent investigation process. The process involves interviewing every witness related either to you, the victim reporter or any party collaterally involved. The information yielded by this process gets compiled into a finding as a conclusive report.

The Decision

A committee administrator with authority will review all an investigation’s findings and determine whether there was a violation that warrants disciplinary action on your part. If any, they will enforce suitable punishments.


Students have an opportunity to file their written appeal with New York State Title IX Appeals Panel within five business days after a decision date after receiving it. Appellants are advised to do so only when there is compelling evidence proving:
– A procedural error occurred
– New information has accrued since the decision and can significantly influence it
– The level of punishment handed is disproportional with its corresponding violation.

New York Title IX Attorney

Navigating the complex Berkeley College of New York disciplinary process if found in violation of a title IX claim needs one crucial component, and that is professional guidance. Hiring an experienced attorney-advisor, which can prove critical in several ways – in crafting an effective defense that supports your innocence and minimizes likely penalties imposed on finding liability on any violations reported against you under Title IX rules.

Contact attorney Todd Spodek at 212-300-5196 for help today, should you find yourself accused of sexual misconduct under the Berkeley College Of New York Title IX rules

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