Can I appeal a campus verdict?

Can I appeal a campus verdict?

College Code Appeals: Protecting Your Future with Spodek Law Group and Attorney Todd Spodek

If you have been found to have violated your college’s code of conduct, the resulting mark on your academic record can have serious consequences for your future. You may face one or more sanctions, including suspension or expulsion, which can make it challenging to be accepted into additional educational programs or obtain certain professional licenses. With the assistance of an experienced college code attorney, such as Attorney Todd Spodek from Spodek Law Group, you may be able to appeal these sanctions and protect your future.

Understanding College Code Appeals

The appeals process for disciplinary sanctions varies between schools, but most institutions provide some form of appeals process for certain types of violations. Title IX governs sexual misconduct cases and requires schools to comply with certain standards, including providing both the complainant and the respondent with the opportunity to appeal a finding they believe is unfair or inaccurate. However, the newest OCR guidance from 2017 has allowed schools to make decisions regarding appeals for no parties, both parties, or only the responding party, which violates Title IX. In such situations, it is important to have the guidance of an experienced education attorney to examine the situation and provide legal assistance.

The Appeals Process

The first step in a college code appeal is to determine whether to appeal the finding, the severity of the sanctions, or both. An experienced attorney can help you understand the grounds for appeal allowed by your school’s policy. Sanctions can range from minor requirements to suspension or expulsion, which can have severe consequences beyond the sanction itself. With legal assistance, you can file a persuasive argument to overturn the finding or sanctions and protect your future.

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Common College Code Violations

Each school has its own college code with its own violations. Some of the more common college code violations include stalking, sexual misconduct, rape, relationship violence, hazing, and drug or alcohol offenses. Having an experienced attorney’s help from the beginning of the process can help you avoid a finding of guilt and protect your future.

How Spodek Law Group and Attorney Todd Spodek Can Help You

At Spodek Law Group, Attorney Todd Spodek has extensive experience with college disciplinary cases, including Title IX complaints of sexual misconduct. With a deep understanding of the law, he can ensure that your appeal meets all requirements and sets forth a persuasive argument to protect your future. Whether you have recently been accused of a violation, believe your Title IX rights were violated, or would like to discuss appealing a finding, please call our office at 212-300-5196 or contact us online to discuss your case today.

Protect Your Future with Professional Legal Representation from Spodek Law Group and Attorney Todd Spodek

Attorney Todd Spodek from Spodek Law Group is a highly knowledgeable and experienced college code attorney who has represented hundreds of students facing allegations of college code violations. He fully understands the legal rights of students and works to protect their rights at every stage of their case. If your school has an unfair appeals policy, Attorney Spodek can examine the situation and provide legal assistance to help you protect your future. Even if your school does not allow a lawyer to be present during disciplinary or appeal hearings, Attorney Spodek can still provide legal counsel and assistance in preparing and filing your appeal. Contact Spodek Law Group today at 212-300-5196 or online to discuss your case and protect your future with professional legal representation.

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