College Code Violations

College Code Violations

Protecting College Students Nationwide: The Expertise of Spodek Law Group and Attorney Todd Spodek

If you’re a college student facing allegations of code of conduct violations, you are likely feeling overwhelmed and unsure of what to do next. At Spodek Law Group, we understand the seriousness of these accusations and are committed to providing nationwide defense for college students like you. Our team, led by Attorney Todd Spodek, has extensive experience in defending students accused of a variety of code of conduct violations.

Understanding the Impact of Code of Conduct Violations

Virtually every college and university in the U.S. has a code of conduct that outlines how students are expected to behave on campus. Violating this code can result in serious consequences, including disciplinary sanctions and a permanent academic record. You may feel embarrassed or ashamed and may believe that you can handle the allegations on your own. However, the disciplinary process is complex and often arbitrary, and it is essential to have an experienced defense attorney on your side.

At Spodek Law Group, we take a proactive approach to defending our clients. We advise you confidentially from the beginning and help you navigate your institution’s specific policies, practices, rules, and regulations. Our team ensures that you get the maximum benefit of whatever rights your school does afford you, and we work to minimize the impact of any allegations and findings. We are committed to being extremely well-prepared before you answer any charge in writing or verbally or appear at any hearing. Our attorneys can be a great asset in achieving a positive outcome, assisting the student in preparing a witness list, preparing questions for those witnesses, and presenting favorable evidence or evidence in mitigation.

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The Importance of Legal Counsel

Too often, students and their parents mistakenly believe that a disciplinary hearing conducted by an educational institution is a mere formality. In reality, disciplinary hearings are legitimate fact-finding proceedings subject to complicated procedural and substantive rules. Our team at Spodek Law Group understands the complexity of the hearing process and ensures that our clients have as much information and assistance as possible.

Even if a school prohibits the involvement of attorneys or non-school personnel at a hearing, interview, or meeting, an attorney can still be of assistance. At Spodek Law Group, we investigate the case and determine whether there is any evidence that tends to strengthen a student’s argument that there was no violation. We explain the disciplinary process to students and parents, advise them about the possible outcomes of the case, and determine whether the school is in violation of its own rules or any applicable state or federal laws. We also prepare students for the types of questions they may need to answer.

We understand that allegations of sexual harassment and assault are particularly serious and can implicate Title IX. We are well-equipped to handle these types of cases and can defend students against any type of alleged college conduct violation. Additionally, we stand ready to help victims of any offenses that took place on college campuses.

Possible Sanctions and Their Consequences

If your college or university’s hearing board determines that you did, in fact, violate your school’s student code of conduct, there are a number of sanctions that it could potentially impose. In relatively minor cases, potential consequences for a student code of conduct violation can include formal reprimand, probation, or community service. In more serious cases involving violent crimes such as sexual assault, the penalty could include dismissal from the student dorms, school suspension, or expulsion.

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It is essential to remember that a college disciplinary hearing can only deprive a student of property, such as expulsion, which causes a forfeiture of tuition. However, in many cases, there may also be a criminal case that arises from the same incident, meaning that the state may also impose its own criminal sanctions against you. A criminal conviction can adversely affect your freedom, finances, and future, which is why it is critical to have an experienced defense attorney on your side.

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At Spodek Law Group, we understand the impact that code of conduct violations can have on college students and their families. Our team is committed to providing nationwide defense for college students facing allegations of code of conduct violations. Led by Attorney Todd Spodek, our team has the experience and expertise to defend you against any type of alleged college conduct violation.

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