Milwaukee Title IX Lawyers

Milwaukee Title IX Lawyers

Understanding Title IX with Spodek Law Group

As a nationwide law firm, Spodek Law Group understands the importance of protecting individuals from gender-based discrimination, particularly in education programs and activities that receive federal financial assistance. Title IX of the Education Amendments mandates that no one should be excluded from participating or benefiting from such programs or activities, and it prohibits any form of gender-based discrimination, including sexual misconduct, against students, staff, and faculty.

Our team of attorneys at Spodek Law Group emphasizes that any form of sexual misconduct, such as sexual harassment, sexual abuse, or rape, that meets a specific standard constitutes gender-based discrimination under Title IX. The law recognizes that the victim’s harm must be so severe and objectively offensive that it prevents them from benefiting from educational opportunities. As experienced attorneys, we know that any harm inflicted on a victim in the scope of any type of sexual misconduct fulfills that requirement.

Moreover, Title IX permits schools to handle sexual misconduct cases under specific conditions, namely if the accused is under their responsibility, and if the assault took place on campus. Schools must conduct an investigation and hold a hearing to determine the respondent’s guilt or innocence. Despite its similarity to criminal justice proceedings, the Title IX process is quite different, and students accused of such crimes in higher education institutions must be mindful that they may not have the same safeguards as in the criminal justice system.

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Our team at Spodek Law Group has the experience to handle legal situations related to Title IX, Title VI, and other areas, such as car accidents, civil rights, criminal law, medical malpractice, personal injury, and storm damage. Attorney Todd Spodek and the team will work tirelessly to ensure that your rights are protected.

Violations of Title VI and Title IX

Under Title VI and Title IX, academic institutions and their staff are prohibited from treating students differently based on their race or gender when deciding whether they qualify for services, incentives, or any other assistance. Furthermore, schools are not allowed to deny programs or assistance to students based on their gender or race, subject any student to different conduct rules based on their gender or race, or promote or facilitate discrimination against students. If academic institutions fail to address students’ complaints or concerns properly, it constitutes a violation of Title VI and Title IX.

Spodek Law Group’s experienced attorneys are here to help you if you believe that your school has violated Title VI or Title IX. We can provide the necessary legal assistance to ensure that your rights are protected.

Wisconsin Title IX Defense Attorneys

If you are facing a Title IX investigation in Wisconsin due to accusations of sexual assault or other sex crimes that occurred on-campus or relate to the campus environment, Spodek Law Group’s Title IX defense attorneys can help. We understand that these investigations feel criminal in nature, and they are conducted by campus administrators or a third party hired by the school. The investigator will determine if the school’s policies prohibiting sexual misconduct and harassment have been violated.

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If found responsible, you may face severe penalties, such as eviction from your dorm, removal from specific classes, attending educational classes, suspension for a defined period, expulsion from the school, hold placed on your transcript, or diploma withheld. The investigation process may move quickly, and you are entitled to consult with an advisor of your choosing.

At Spodek Law Group, our Wisconsin Title IX defense attorneys can protect your rights and education during the investigation. We can serve as your legal counselors, advising you of your best interests and ensuring that your school is following its policies and federal mandates. We can study your university’s consent policies for gray areas that may have caused the complication situation that led to accusations in the first place.

We are proud to assist students from the University of Wisconsin, UW-La Crosse, UW-Superior, UW-Eau Claire, UW-Stout, UW-River Falls, Chippewa Valley Technical College, Wisconsin Indianhead Technical College, and Viterbo University in La Crosse, WI. Contact us today at (212) 300-5196 to get started with your defense.

Understanding Title IX Laws & Regulations

At its core, Title IX is a federal civil rights law that prohibits discrimination against any student on the basis of sex, and it applies to all colleges and universities that receive federal funding. Spodek Law Group understands that Title IX has been used as a way to penalize those accused of sexual misconduct against others. Failing to protect a student from a sex crime is seen as a form of discrimination, and schools may lose significant and necessary federal funding if they fail to stop and penalize sexual misconduct affecting the campus environment. This puts accused students or faculty members in an unfair, one-sided situation from the beginning.

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At Spodek Law Group, we know that when you are targeted by a Title IX investigation, you have to act quickly to defend yourself. The college may interview you, the complaining party, alleged witnesses, and collect apparent evidence. During the investigation, a decision must be reached by a preponderance of the evidence, whether or not a policy violation occurred.

If you are found responsible for a policy violation, the penalties may be severe, as previously mentioned. During a Title IX hearing, you will be given a chance to tell your side of the story and defend yourself from the accusations. Your accuser is afforded all the same opportunities as you will be. While it may feel like a criminal process, the outcome is not defined by law but by the procedures outlined in the school’s policies.

At Spodek Law Group, our Wisconsin Title IX defense attorneys are here to protect your rights and ensure that any penalties imposed are just and equitable. We can help you to provide your version of events to the investigator and can advise you of your best interests. Contact us today at (212) 300-5196 to speak with our experienced attorneys.

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