Philadelphia title ix attorney

Philadelphia title ix attorney

Title IX and Your Rights: Understanding Your Options

At Spodek Law Group, we understand the importance of fighting for your rights under Title IX of the Education Amendments Act of 1972. This federal civil rights law prohibits gender discrimination in any educational institution that receives federal funding. Our experienced attorney, Todd Spodek, is here to help you navigate the complex processes and policies involved in Title IX cases.

What Is Title IX and What Does It Cover?

Title IX protects all students and employees, regardless of gender identity or sexual orientation, from discrimination in any federally funded educational institution. This includes both private and public institutions, from K-12 schools to colleges and universities.

While Title IX is often associated with gender-based discrimination in intercollegiate sports, it also covers a range of other areas in college settings. These include:

  • Sexual misconduct and harassment
  • Sexual violence, including rape, sexual assault, sexual battery, sexual abuse, or sexual coercion
  • Unjust school policies
  • Employment discrimination
  • Bullying
  • Student and employee opportunities in STEM-related programs and fields

Sexual Misconduct and Harassment Under Title IX

Sexual misconduct and harassment is a serious issue on college campuses, and Title IX plays a crucial role in addressing it. Under Title IX, sexual misconduct is considered gender-based discrimination, and schools are required to take these cases seriously.

In recent years, the applicability of Title IX in sexual misconduct cases has gained significant attention across the nation. At Spodek Law Group, we recognize the emotional toll that these cases can take on victims and their families. That’s why we’re here to help you navigate the process and fight for justice.

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The Stakes Are High for Institutions That Don’t Comply with Title IX

Higher education institutions that fail to comply with Title IX risk losing funding from the federal government. This includes schools that fail to appropriately handle sexual misconduct cases or fail to address other forms of gender-based discrimination.

Institutions that violate Title IX may be required to repair the issue that was listed in a complaint. At Spodek Law Group, we are here to fight for your rights and ensure that your school is held accountable for any violations of Title IX.

Representation for Title IX Cases

If you believe that your Title IX rights have been violated, it’s important to seek the help of an experienced attorney. At Spodek Law Group, our attorney Todd Spodek has extensive experience representing clients in Title IX cases. This includes:

  • Student defendants accused of sexual misconduct or other crimes
  • College and university employees, including coaches, faculty, professors, graduate assistants, and teaching assistants

Protect Your Rights with Spodek Law Group

Don’t wait to take action if you believe that your Title IX rights have been violated. Contact Spodek Law Group today to schedule a consultation with our skilled attorney, Todd Spodek. Our team is here to fight for your rights and ensure that you receive the protection and opportunities that you are entitled to as a student or employee of a federally funded educational institution.

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