Sacramento Title IX Lawyers

Sacramento Title IX Lawyers

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Protecting Your Future: Understanding Title IX Violations and Charges


As a student, you work hard to build a successful future. However, if someone accuses you of sexual misconduct under Title IX, your future can be in jeopardy. Title IX is a federal law that mandates schools to investigate every reported accusation of sexual misconduct. Unfortunately, your school may do everything possible to find you responsible and expel you, to avoid potential federal penalties. The Spodek Law Group, led by Attorney Todd Spodek, understands the gravity of such accusations and can help you navigate through this difficult time.


What is Title IX and How Does it Work?


Title IX was established in 1972 by the US Congress to prohibit sexual discrimination in all federally funded education programs. However, its interpretation and enforcement have evolved over the years. In 2020, the Final Rule was issued, which raised the bar of proof for allegations of sexual misconduct. But after the Biden administration took office in 2021, Education Secretary Miguel Cardona promised to roll back most of the Final Rule, and ongoing reviews are likely to undo many aspects of it.

The main guidelines for investigating allegations of sexual misconduct include:

  • All official complaints must be made to the school’s Title IX Coordinator. An official complaint must be signed by the complainant and the Coordinator.
  • The Title IX Coordinator must notify the respondent of the charges, including the name of the complainant and details of the allegation, and the respondent has the right to hire an advisor, who could be an attorney.
  • An Investigator appointed by the Coordinator will research the case, gather physical evidence, and interview witnesses.
  • Following the investigation, the Investigator will prepare a full report of the findings, allowing both sides to suggest revisions. The final report is submitted to the Title IX Coordinator.
  • A respondent in colleges and universities is allowed a live hearing to defend themselves. Advisors represent both sides at the hearing, where the respondent has the right to introduce evidence, call witnesses, and cross-examine witnesses, including the complainant. Decision-makers are directed to reach verdicts based on a “preponderance of evidence.”
  • Both sides are permitted to appeal the verdict within ten days under certain conditions.
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What’s At Risk?


Title IX violations can lead to a range of disciplinary actions, including verbal reprimands, restitution, mandated counseling, removal from housing, probation, suspension, or even expulsion. The consequences can be severe, affecting your education, career, and future. Expulsion from one school can make you ineligible to apply to others, and your offense may be described on your transcript, making it difficult to enroll in any school in or out of state. Furthermore, a Title IX violation may impact your ability to obtain financial aid, get into graduate school, or find a job.


How Can Attorney Todd Spodek Help?


In such situations, it is essential to seek the advice of an experienced attorney, like Todd Spodek. With nearly a decade of experience defending hundreds of students facing Title IX charges, Mr. Lento has an unparalleled understanding of the law and the ways campuses operate. He can be your legal advisor to guide you through the nerve-racking ordeals of an investigation and a hearing. His knowledge, understanding, and experience can help you prove your innocence or make a deal to salvage your career.

Mr. Lento is a licensed attorney in Pennsylvania and New Jersey and is admitted as an attorney pro hac vice in state and federal court if needed when representing clients nationwide. He is a Title IX advisor and educational consultant to students facing disciplinary cases in Alabama and throughout the nation. He prioritizes his clients’ needs and well-being, and he does not settle for the easiest outcome. Todd Spodek will stand by your side to fight for your future.

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If you or your child has been accused of Title IX sexual misconduct in Alabama, don’t wait. Your university is already preparing its case against you. You need to protect yourself by calling The Spodek Law Group today at [phone number] or using our automated online form. Our team of experienced attorneys, led by Attorney Todd Spodek, can help you navigate the complexities of Title IX cases and ensure that you have a fair hearing. We understand the gravity of such accusations and have the necessary background and knowledge to enable you to successfully defend yourself. Don’t risk your future. Contact us today.

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