For people that are in need of a personal injury lawyer, Farar & Lewis LLP is a fantastic law firm in Burlingame. We help the victim to receive the desired compensation for what happened to them. For 30 years, we have been practicing personal injury law. Our clients are pleased with the results that we accomplish for them.

Points To Consider With Farar & Lewis LLP

· Our law firm has won tens of millions of dollars for our clients.

· We have handled and won some of the largest personal injury cases.

· As members of the Million Dollar Advocated Forum, we are top rated lawyers.

· Our law firm is recognized as a leader by the media.

· We answer all the questions are clients may have.

There Are Other Reasons Why Many People Choose Our Law Firm

Our law firm offers free evaluations. A person that is need of our help will not be charged any money until we win the case for them. We also will go to a person’s home if they can’t visit us in person.

The Ways That We Can Help A Client

· We can negotiate with the insurance companies.

· Our lawyers will be able to deal with the insurance companies to give our clients the highest settlements possible.

· We can handle all types of construction accidents, medical malpractice, product defects, car accidents and much more.

· As mentioned before, we do not charge any fees until we win the case for our client.

When A Person First Contacts Us

We offer a free evaluation for our clients. The information is gathered about the case so that we are able to take it to court. The time that we gather the information is very important. We want to hear all the facts about a particular case so that we can make sure that we can win it in a court of law. Our lawyers are experienced and professional, and they are able to win cases that are very difficult. Our success rate is phenomenal.

Our law firm has helped many people over the years to give them high settlements for personal injury cases. Since we have a very good success rate, our clients recommend us to their friends, colleagues and family members.