College Academic Misconduct Advisor – Northern Arizona University

College Academic Misconduct Advisor – Northern Arizona University

Protecting Your Future: Understanding Academic Misconduct at Northern Arizona University and What You Should Do

Plagiarism, cheating, fabrication of data, destruction of school property, and classroom disruption are not activities you imagined being a part of as a Northern Arizona University (NAU) student. Currently dealing with an academic misconduct investigation, you might be uncertain about what happened or what you need to do for a favorable outcome. It’s a stressful and confusing time for you, yet there are essential things you should know to face this challenge.

What is Academic Misconduct at Northern Arizona University?

According to NAU’s academic integrity page, the institution expects honesty and ethical conduct from all students within its community. The university has established an academic integrity policy to guide expected behaviors among its members–students, faculty and staff–and lay out punishable acts committed by violators. Furthermore, the policy outlines how NAU investigates cases of academic dishonesty.

The university states that every student must uphold their responsibilities in maintaining academic integrity by not misrepresenting their own work or encouraging others to do so. Students must also refrain from fraudulent and unfair means to boost their grades or violating the academic policies outlined on teachers’ course syllabi. In case of witnessing any violation under this code of conduct in the university setting or involving any student enrolled at NAU’s programs/courses; one is required to report such violations as soon as possible.

However generalized statement appears in explaining expected standards behavior for students at NAU; the policy provides examples of punishable behaviors which include:

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– Cheating
– Fabrication
– Fraud
– Facilitation (of others’ cheating)
– Gaining an unfair advantage over others
– Plagiarism
– Self-plagiarism

Upon suspicion that a student violated the academic integrity policy; Northern Arizona University initiates appropriate punitive measures following investigations into alleged incidents(s).

How does Northern Arizona University investigate Academic Misconduct?

Instructors at Northern Arizona University initiate the academic misconduct disciplinary process. If a faculty member suspects that you breached the school’s academic integrity policy, they will send you an email outlining the specific violation and recommending disciplinary action.
Encompassed within the initial level of these sanctions are as follows:

– Written warning
– Grade reduction
– Failing grade for the assignment or course under concern

After receiving this mail, you are free to accept and comply with any imposed sanction outrightly or pursue communication with your instructor indicating otherwise within three business days. You will have an uphill task to dispute either your alleged misconduct violation or subsequent sanctions proposed; during such hearings please emphasize on providing evidence that supports your claim(s).

During this meeting with instructors, students will have a chance to relate their side of the story that is comprehensive and support any evidence subjectively presented for successful reduction of recommended formalities. If unsuccessful, efforts may proceed by escalating the issue to your academic department’s chair.

The University Academic Integrity Hearing Board Process comes next along with its oversight led by NAU’s Vice Provost for Academic Affairs. With this level of formality; Northern Arizona University completes investigations into alleged violations while reviewing while reviewing comprehensive student portfolios before convening a hearing where students present all evidence supporting their statements on such allegations.

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What is NAU’s Appeals Process?

If you’re unhappy with NAU’s disciplinary decision, there is room left to appeal. However, filing appeals involve indicated elements below:

– Request detailing deviation from due processes
– Proof insufficient application of policies
– Recent discovery(refers only when new information comes up which was not available during investigations)

The appeal will need assembling written submissions addressed directly to Vice Provost containing persuasive arguments supporting favorable outcomes in keeping with wishes designated by parties affected.

Upon completion of all file reviews and thorough investigation reflecting on possible infractions committed earlier; The Vice Provost leads again by reviewing the evidence and providing a final binding decision to the parties involved.

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