College Academic Misconduct Defense for St. Johns University

College Academic Misconduct Defense for St. Johns University

St. John’s University: Taking Academic Integrity Seriously

St. Johns University located in New York City, was established in 1870 by the Vincentians, a Catholic order of priests, with its main campus in Brooklyn. Its main campus is now situated in Queens where it moved during the 1950s, but the Vincentian reputation remains. By focusing on being “confident, goal-driven, and ethical,” the school holds dear to its deep-rooted commitment to social justice that mirrors St. Vincent de Paul who founded the Vincentians.

Outlining one of their points of concern when it comes to maintaining an ethical atmosphere is the academic honor pledge they adopted in 2003.

The pledge reads: “I will not tolerate or participate in any form of academic fraud by cheating, lying or stealing, nor will I accept the actions of those who choose to violate this code. I will conduct myself both honorably and responsibly in all my activities as a St. John’s University student, both academically and non-academically.”

The academic integrity policy at St. John’s University is stringent with sanctions ranging from partial or full loss of credits accompanying allegations of academic fraud or misbehavior such as plagiarism or cheating throughout your educational tenure at St. John’s University.

What Is The Judicial Process For Students Accused Of Academic Misconduct At St. John’s?

You should take quick action if you are accused or know someone accused of academic fraud instead of waiting until you need to make an appeal later on down the line.

It’s important to note that Studying at St.John’s can be steep; hence students remind themselves mentally that maintaining integrity all through their Semesters is worth more than sacrificing hard work for easier grades

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Anyone may report any incident related to these fraudulent behaviors committed by students leading them to face consequences for breaking one of these clauses violating other students’ academic rights resulting in being subjected to a court trial where sanctions will be imposed accordingly.

The disciplinary process at St. John’s university could be found on the schools site, but it’s broad and not very specific. St. John’s university defines academic dishonesty as anything that includes cheating or plagiarism and any “obstruction or disruption of teaching, research or other University-sponsored activities of an academic nature.”

Once approached with alleged academic misconduct information, the accused can choose to report to the Dean or approach the Office of Judicial Affairs (OJA). The standard protocol involves sending copies of relevant policies within fifteen days of accusation after which their Dean would notify them if they are supposed to communicate with a committee made up of two faculty members, two graduate or undergraduate students, and the students dean

Notably, if any member needs replacement for any reason by default, the Dean is responsible for selecting someone else to assume that role.

What Are The Possible Sanctions For Instances Of Academic Misconduct At St. John’s?

Sanctions for academic misbehavior ranges severely from losing credit either partially or entirely resulting from wrongful allegations attached to previously done work covering an entire course affecting students academically via negative reports on their student records affecting a given period in question.

Staunch procedures maintain convictions concerning academic probation preventing participation in extra-curricular activities until re-admitting privileges are granted.

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Temporarily denying admission altogether to violating parties through suspension can lead prohibited participation in campus-related events while still maintaining grades while expulsion from both your educational tenure at St. John’s and future implications when seeking further education

Is There A Long-Term Impact For Academic Misconduct At St. John’s?

Confirmed cases of academic fraud can cause long-lasting grievances like hindering post-graduate education opportunities where sanctions such as expulsion followed by revocation of financial aid among many burdens associated with enduring suspensions not achieving desired credit hours

Knowing your rights becomes vital when appealing against allegations supplied with appropriate and competent representation to explore every available option for defending oneself.

What Is The Appeals Process?

For appeals, one must notify the appeals committee effectively in writing within a specified timeframe; these details are usually found on St. John’s Internal Academic Guidelines. Qualified Appeal Committees will only be called upon if there’s evidence found after deliberation or procedural errors observed that give enough reason to seek redress.


Attorney Todd Spodek and the Spodek Law Group have worked with several St. John’s University students over the years, providing legal assistance to navigate their disciplinary processes following academic conduct allegations’ results.

To prepare adequately against any academic conduct sanctions by choosing your representation expertly while recognizing your rights as a student through proper research to establish adequate defenses against accusations, students at St. John’s can maintain the level of excellence expected from them by keeping up with school policies and urging honesty in all types of dealings they participate in or encounter during their tenure at every given period.

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