College Code of Conduct Student Defense Advisor – Washington, DC

College Code of Conduct Student Defense Advisor – Washington, DC

The Importance of a Code of Conduct in Washington DC Colleges and Universities

Students attending colleges and universities in Washington, D.C. will be subject to their respective institutions’ code of conduct. A code of conduct comprises a set of rules that aim to maintain a safe campus community. It is essential to review your school’s student handbook for clarification on the specific rules you’re expected to follow.

If students are accused of violating any policy outlined by the code, they must participate in a disciplinary proceeding to determine whether they are responsible for such violations. As minor as it may seem, if found responsible after this process, these students may face significant ramifications that can jeopardize their academic progress and professional growth later in life.

Thus if you, as a student or parent, are facing allegations surrounding disciplinary violations, it would be best if you take these seriously. But don’t panic; seeking guidance from an experienced advisor could make all the difference between an inequitable course and fair results.

After receiving allegations regarding disciplinary violations from schools in Washington DC like American University or Georgetown University, students often reach out to Todd Spodek for legal representation. Attorney Todd Spodek has over ten years of experience defending college students nationally concerning disciplinary charges arising from violating their School’s regulations/policies or the law.
Common Code of Conduct Violations

The following describes some common infractions under most colleges’ and universities’ codes of conduct:

On college campuses across America, underage drinking is criminalized by State Law such that virtually all educational institutions prohibit alcohol use by anyone under 21 years old while on campus.
Institutions also restrict alcohol access for all attendees regardless of age – with severe consequences for any individual(s) providing alcoholic beverages to underage students.

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A behavior that causes substantial emotional or physical harm to another student/person/group classified as bullying behaviour only if proven pervasive enough that interferes with one’s ability to attend school, creates a threatening environment, or significantly interrupts the operation of the College.

Disorderly Conduct
Students’ disorderly and somewhat indecent engagement in behaviour that can be perceived as detrimental to other individuals or groups is punishable by disciplinary authorities. Such behaviour includes being inebriated in public, loitering along crowded walkways, or recklessly creating significant discomfort for others.

The use, possession, distribution, and purchase of illicit drugs and controlled substances within Colleges’ premises are prohibited and punishable by law.

Hazing rituals, commonly associated with the Greek system on campuses still exist. Parents should monitor younger college students involved in these activities closely; Students involved will get sanctions attached if exposed to any degrading, humiliating/ endangering situations under such rituals.
Physical Misconduct / Assault / Violence
Any attempts or actions leading to physical violence towards another student or individual which constitutes offences like assault are not accepted on campus.

Occasionally an accused Washington DC student may find themselves summoned before a disciplinary panel for engaging in academic malpractices such as plagiarism amongst other misconducts.

Todd Spodek uniquely understands that defending against allegations of disciplinary violations launched by schools is essential because it affects students’ future choices positively or negatively.

Interventions from legal counsel become inevitably necessary at various stages throughout the process; Mr. Spodek appears before investigation hearing boards/appeal tribunals fighting for his clients’ best interests – as well as those facing university expulsion.

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Here is a compiled list of colleges where Todd Spodek provides Disciplinary Violation Advisor services:
Catholic University Of America
George Washington University
Trinity Washington University
Potomac college Washington DC
University of Phoenix – Washington DC Campus
Gallaudet University
Howard University
American University
Georgetown University


If you’re a student charged with violating your school’s code of conduct, it’s best to seek legal representation from a professional with a track record of providing the needed guidance in ensuring that your interests and rights are protected. Todd Spodek understands this process well and has defended many students facing potential disciplinary infractions thus representing his clients passionately.

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