College Sexual Misconduct Advisor – Harvard University – Title IX Violations

College Sexual Misconduct Advisor – Harvard University – Title IX Violations

Protecting Your Child’s Future: Navigating Sexual Misconduct Accusations at Harvard University

Sexual misconduct is an issue that can have grave repercussions, and unfortunately, a common problem in universities. According to RAINN (Rape, Abuse & Incest National Network), nearly 23.1% of college students experience rape or sexual assault through physical force, violence, or incapacitation.

Being accused of sexual misconduct is a nightmare scenario for any student, especially if they are enrolled in an Ivy League institution such as Harvard University. As your child’s parent, you have invested a lot in their education and future at Harvard. It is crucial to know how to protect their rights so that they don’t suffer from the consequences of false allegations.

Recent Title IX Updates at Harvard University

In August 2020, the President of Harvard University released a letter to inform its academic community that Harvard would go above the minimum requirements by implementing new regulations aimed at protecting students’ safety.

Harvard updated its Title IX policies and procedures to create two separate documents: the Title IX sexual misconduct policy and “Interim Other Sexual Misconduct Policy.” However, both policies have similar investigative processes.

Your School’s Sexual Misconduct Policy: What You Need To Know

Harvard University has a zero-tolerance policy for domestic violence, dating violence, sexual assault as well as stalking behavior. Furthermore, the university expands upon these punishable offenses by also including:

– Recording or taking photographs without knowledge or consent
– Sharing visual content without consent
– Unwanted sexual advances.
– Inappropriate comments or touching
– Requests for sexual favors promising certain benefits
– Sexually suggestive comments or gestures

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If your child faces an allegation under either of these policies, the Office for Dispute Resolution will work with you throughout the investigation process. The office notifies all parties involved regarding alleged infractions in writing.

After submitting an accusation against your student, the Office for Dispute Resolution will undertake an Initial Review to decide whether to dismiss, informally resolve or pursue an investigation into the allegation.

What Due Process Can Your Child Expect?

If the Office for Dispute Resolution decides to warrant a formal investigation, your student has one week to submit a written response. Although the statement has to be from their perspective, they can receive legal assistance in its drafting.

It’s crucial to have an experienced legal team during this time because this statement influences the investigation and hearing. Afterward, investigative teams analyze all information pertaining to the case and notify all parties involved within ten days.

Next is a hearing before a panel of Harvard officials, which allows each side’s advisor one-on-one questioning with witnesses. They consider all evidence and then declare either guilt or innocence. Officials choose between punitive, restorative or educational recommendations while considering appropriate measures.

In case there’s new information or procedural irregularities discovered after hearing official recommendation(s), your student can submit an appeal within one week of receiving their final decision.

The Consequences Of Sexual Misconduct At Harvard University

As mentioned earlier, Harvard applies specific levels of punishment based on the severity of sexual misconduct charges when addressing reprehensible behavior under their universities’ Student Conduct Process.

Admonishment is a formal warning without any repercussions yet complicates possible future incidents regarding discipline.
Probation implies concern regarding conduct jeopardizing the student’s status requiring better conduct monitoring.
Lastly, requirement to withdraw or recommendation leads to expulsion from school if unacceptable behavior continues.

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When Your Child Is Accused: Reasons To Hire Todd Spodek

Sexual misconduct allegations against your child are serious outcomes that can drastically alter their entire future at Harvard and beyond it. Hiring a specialist attorney should be your top priority once you hear about these accusations leveled against your child.

Todd.Spodek is an expert in handling Title IX cases across various institutions around America like Harvard University and can prepare and support them through the entire investigative process while aggressively seeking their best interests.

If you require professional assistance or need more information about how we can help you, please call Spodek Law Group at 212-300-5196 or contact us online. Our experienced counselors are ready to assist you tackle these allegations courageously.

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