CUNY College of Staten Island

CUNY College of Staten Island

Why You Need an Attorney-Advisor for Title IX Proceedings at CUNY College of Staten Island

Title IX of the Education Amendments is a federal law that mandates federally funded colleges and universities to prohibit sexual misconduct. Sexual harassment, rape, sexual assault, and other forms of sexual misconduct allegations in CUNY College of Staten Island are considered a Title IX violation. In such cases, the institute must address the reported case, and anyone found guilty of such charges could face serious consequences that impact their graduation goals.

CUNY College of Staten Island’s Disciplinary Process

The institution is obligated under Title IX requirements to adjudicate all cases brought to its attention concerning sexual misconduct. Prompt and equitable resolution of cases is urged by the Department of Education in compliance with higher education institutions. Failure to meet these standards could lead to revocation or reduction of federal funding. All parties should understand their school will approach their case with utmost seriousness – this includes complainants (the person reporting) and respondents (the accused party). 

Reporting Sexual Misconduct To The College

Individuals experiencing some form of sexual misconduct are strongly advised by CUNY to report immediately. The complaint should consist of information regarding individuals involved (reporter and respondent), witnesses, descriptions pertaining to alleged conduct, dates, times, locations; supporting evidence like text messages, emails, social media transcripts might also be included with no statute limitations on how long ago events can be reported.

Investigating Complaints Of Sexual Misconduct

CUNY designates one properly trained administrator or the Title IX Coordinator to investigate allegations impartially and adequately as stipulated by rules outlined under Title IX property. Interviews from both parties – persons reporting such acts and accused – would form part of the investigative process alongside statements from possible witnesses who were present in these engagements.

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At closure investigation phase culmination stage where reports are comprehensive enough for informed decisions to be made related punishments: a hearing will hold, and school President scheduled to make a verdict, whether or not there’s sufficient reason for sentence against parties involved.

The Hearing

Testimonies of participating parties will be listened to by an investigative panel augmented by questioning relevant witnesses and review testimonies’ evidence as presented at the hearing. Once satisfied with information, the panel will deliberate and provide results in writing.


Should both accused or accuser feel displeased with committee sentencing decision handed down, they can appeal accordingly within 15 days delivery of judgment to board level or president on grounds like procedural errors, disproportionate penalty severity (based on crime committed), newly acquired evidence that could not have been obtained earlier in time of judgment.

New York Title IX Attorney

Everyone has the right to select whomever they wish as attorneys for advisors through Title IX proceedings if an accused party – peradventure sexual misconduct allegations arise while being students in CUNY College of Staten Island(USA). Todd Spodek comes highly recommended as his experience over years since inception is second to none – With Mr.Spodek help processes can be navigated effectively while building a robust defense on behalf of clients. Contact Todd Spodek today for more inquiries or assistance help you achieve justice during student court if unfairly charged with such allegations.Calling 212-300-5196 is guaranteed to bring you closer towards obtaining success in your day-to-day court-related dealings.

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