Defending the Rights of Disabled Students in Massachusetts

Defending the Rights of Disabled Students in Massachusetts

Disabled Students Rights in Massachusetts: Understanding Disability Accommodations, Federal Laws, and Discrimination Lawsuits

Disabled students in schools have faced unique challenges over the years. Despite their struggles becoming more visible, not everyone understands their needs. Approximately 15% of public school students in the United States are approved for disability accommodations, according to data from the current academic year (2020-2021). In Massachusetts, both state and federal laws work together to provide disabled students with personalized support for a better education.

However, if a student or parent faces discrimination due to their disability while attending school, they should reach out for legal assistance. National Educational Attorney Todd Spodek’s Student Defense Team is here to help guide you through the process of seeking justice.

In this article, well discuss disabled students’ rights regarding disability accommodations in Massachusetts schools and universities, including such protections offered by IDEA and Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act of 1973. Well explore ADA issues and lawsuits filed against schools that violate Title II of the Americans with Disabilities Act. Additionally, well take a look at how disabilities may act as mitigating factors affecting academic progression and misconduct discipline for disabled students in Massachusetts.

Disability Accommodations in Massachusetts

In Massachusetts, Section 504 outlines changes required by disabled students included within a “504 Plan.” Simultaneously, “Individualized Education Plans” (IEPs) contain reasonable accommodations available under IDEA provisions. It’s essential to differentiate between these laws’ nuances so that parents can determine

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