Defense for Title IX Investigations in Oklahoma

Defense for Title IX Investigations in Oklahoma

Title IX Attorney: Protecting Students Accused of Sexual Misconduct in Oklahoma

Title IX is a federal civil rights law that aims to prevent sexual harassment and assault on college campuses. While the goal of Title IX is laudable, its execution can be problematic because a school’s receipt of federal funding depends on how it handles allegations of sexual misconduct. If you are accused of sexual misconduct, you may find that your school tries to protect its federal funding at your expense.

Fortunately, an attorney can serve as your Title IX advisor and help protect your rights during an investigation or hearing. Todd Spodek is a student discipline defense attorney who advises those accused of violating Title IX in Oklahoma. If you have been accused of sexual misconduct, seek help from Attorney Spodek as soon as possible by contacting him online or by phone at 212-300-5196.

The Benefits of Having an Attorney as Your Title IX Advisor

You have the right to an advisor to guide you through the Title IX process in Oklahoma. Instead of choosing a family member or trusted faculty member, appointing an attorney like Todd Spodek has numerous advantages:

– An attorney understands the confrontational nature of investigations and hearings.
– Attorneys excel at building strong cases and presenting evidence effectively.
– Lawyers have extensive knowledge about the Title IX process.

Oklahoma’s Title IX Process

While each university handles Title IX cases somewhat differently, there are certain general steps involved that are followed by schools throughout Oklahoma:

1. Initial Complaint – Every alleged case must begin with a complaint filed against the accused by the victim alleging that they violated Title IXs prohibition against sexual misconduct.

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2. Schools Response – Most often schools send No-contact order to stay away from the so-called victim even if it requires housing/reassignments for avoiding their interaction with them after receiving any such allegation against an individual.

3. Investigation – Investigator appointed by either school authorities conduct investigation as required to determine the veracity of the charges.

4. Hearing – Institutions cross-across panels to hear from both sides direct testimonies and evaluate the evidence put forth against and by an alleged accused after conducting investigations.

5. Sanctions, if a violation is found – If found responsible for any Title IX violation, panel might issue sanctions against you that may imply warning for something less serious or more severe disciplinary action like expulsion from school.

6. Appeals – In case of dissatisfaction or unsatisfied with the outcome of investigation/hearings, an individual can appeal it referring to any procedural defect in the method or penalties levied on them.

Spodek is capable of serving students and employees wrongfully accused of sexual misconduct at all colleges and universities throughout Oklahoma, including but not limited to the following schools:

– Bacone College
– Brown Mackie College Tulsa
– Cameron University
– Career Point College
– Carl Albert State College
– Connors State College
– DeVry University Oklahoma
– East Central University
– Eastern Oklahoma State College
– Family of Faith College
– Hillsdale Free Will Baptist College
– ITT Technical Institute Oklahoma City

…And many more universities encompassing nearly every region in Oklahoma.

Why You Need a Title IX Advisor

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It’s essential to ensure that your college’s Title IX investigation is conducted accurately from early on when accused of any charge related to sexual misconduct. Not investigating thoroughly can have consequences such as; validation of guilt without taking into consideration crucial pieces of evidence or validating someone’s complaints despite false claims – ultimately damaging one’s future chances at academic and professional success moving forward!

Don’t make mistakes such as failing to take this crisis seriously. Many innocent people assume because they explain what happened may be enough for their campus officials being fair and impartial during investigations in these investigations regarding allegations relating to sexual misconduct violations. They are vulnerable if proceedings are not meticulously performed since it is as vital to conducting fair hearings and appeals during investigations in a corrupt-free environment.

After serving hundreds of students across the nation, Todd Spodek understands the necessity of building a defense tailored towards your interests with an aim for success. The sole purpose of Attorney Todd Spodek is to defend you while ensuring prioritization to client experience preservation and does not take the easy way out when fighting passionately for his clients’ futures.

Todd Spodek is licensed in Pennsylvania and New Jersey as an attorney serving on a pro hac vice basis in other states’ courts while representing clients nationwide. This experienced Title IX advisor partners with and provides educational expertise for Oklahoma students finding themselves facing sexual misconduct accusations or disciplinary action cases. Contact National Title IX attorney Todd Spodek today to protect your or your student’s interest during this crisis by calling 212-300-5196 or contacting him online to schedule a free initial consultation.

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