Dental Student Dismissals

Dental Student Dismissals

The Risk of Dental School Dismissal and What You Can Do to Avoid It

Entering dental school is an exciting experience for any student. It involves rigorous undergraduate education, high-class standing, and exceptional skills to receive admission. Therefore, the potential for dismissal from a dental school rarely crosses a student’s mind. However, despite good graduation prospects, certain factors can lead to a student’s dismissal from the program. Dental students should apprehend that graduation is not guaranteed as there are possibilities of facing dismissal even after matriculating.

Authority of Dismissal

Dental schools have the legal authority to dismiss students who do not fulfill their academic standards or professionalism codes necessary for competent dentistry practices. The schools maintain procedures through which school officials caution, reprimand, place on probation, suspend, and dismiss students who do not meet those standards. The boards and associations that will license the graduates expect that only dental school gradates have acquired enough knowledge, skill, and ethics necessary for practicing competently in dentistry.

Limits of Dismissal

However, a dental school’s right to dismiss a student is limited by various circumstances which include both constitutional and contract law limitations. Many public dental schools provide students facing dismissal with constitutional due process as they have property interests in their educations. Conversely, private schools like Harvard university also owe contractual obligations that if violated can lead to relief from dismissal. Therefore arbitrary and capricious dismissals must be challenged as they are bound by administrative law.

Causes of Dismissal

Dismissals can occur either within the student’s control or entirely out of their control. Circumstances within the student’s control include persistent lack of discipline like substance abuse or disorderly conduct while outside-the-student-control circumstances could be mental or physical illness, financial struggles or loss of income streams leading specified academic requirements failure.

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Codes Supporting Dismissals

Dental schools follow specific conduct codes concerning academic behavior such as Title IX and non-Title IX sexual misconduct codes, academic conduct codes, and student conduct codes. These ethics principles help maintain the standards, norms, and customs essential for competent dental practices.

Grounds for Dismissal

Dental schools have specific grounds such as professionalism issues, behavioral issues, or academic problems when sanctioning up to student dismissal. Examples of behavioral issues leading to a student’s dismissal may include alcohol abuse or drug use, where commonly clinical performances affect academic matters.

Consequences of Dismissal

Dismissal from dental school leads to severe impacts like ending an individual’s chances of becoming a practicing dentist since there are limited second attempts after one fails. Furthermore, they lose any opportunity for reenrollment, transfer opportunities or failing to qualify for licensing for professional practice.

How to Avoid Dismissals

Facing the risk of dismissal requires concentration and elevates circumstances to high priority. Facing the risk of dismissal by retaining expert representation such as that provided by attorney Todd Spodek is the best decision that any dental school student can make. Retaining legal representation facilitates strategizing and implementing strategies focused on defeating the risks associated with dental school dismissals leading to degree program successes.

Options After Dismissals

Appealing being dismissed is possible in certain circumstances with some dismissed students finding relief through other special university avenues like ombudsmen’s offices or general counsel offices before seeking legal alternatives like litigation.

Alternative Career Options

Although serious could be considered an option for individuals failing dentistry studies since they have numerous other attractive career fields that rely on their completed education before leaving the course, careers outside the medical field still provide much value. Fields such as IT services management accounting offer rewarding career opportunities related either directly or indirectly with dentistry studies.

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Premier Representation

As a dental school misconduct case emerges whereby dismissal hangs over a student’s head leading them feeling afraid and unnerved; it is vital ensuring that they retain a premier representation in attorney Todd Spodek helping reverse, overcome, or avoid dental school dismissal. Attorney Spodek and his team provide alternative avenues of relief within the college, university litigation, or negotiation if dismissal must occur.


Dismissal is likely to undermine your lifetime dreams and aspirations as a dental student. Therefore you should make every effort to prevent such an experience. However, retaining expert representation when facing that risk is essential. Attorney Todd Spodek’s thoughts and strategies have helped numerous students nationwide overturn dismissals, leading to successful degree program completions or pursuing other career paths beyond each student’s expected dreams and aspirations. Do not be uncertain about your future; take charge now by calling 212-300-5196 or visiting the Spodek Law Group website for assistance with your case management plan.

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