Dont Speak to Title IX Officials Without an Attorney-Advisor

Dont Speak to Title IX Officials Without an Attorney-Advisor

Why You Shouldn’t Trust Your Instincts When Accused of Title IX Sexual Misconduct

Being accused of Title IX sexual misconduct can be terrifying, and it’s common for college or university students to want to speak with school officials or investigators assigned to gather evidence as soon as possible. However, this instinct is wrong. Speaking with these individuals before consulting with a Title IX defense attorney could be hazardous to your defense, even if the charges against you are false or exaggerated. If you’re facing Title IX charges, don’t trust your instincts – listen to experienced counsel first.

Conflicting Interests and Duties

Accused students often make the wrong assumptions about Title IX officials; they assume that they are skilled, unbiased, neutral, independent individuals who are interested in getting at the truth while also protecting the accused student’s welfare. Unfortunately, this is not the case. In reality, many Title IX officials are biased and conflicted by their own duties and interests that directly oppose the interests of accused students.

For example, under Title IX regulations, schools’ Title IX officials must protect accusers and victims. While this is an important duty in cases where sexual misconduct has taken place, it can sometimes result in removing accused students from campus before evidence has been gathered. If you speak too early with an unprepared and ill-informed mindset to a Title IX official, your statements may be incomplete and speculative – hastening any restrictions or suspensions.

The Unreliability of Uninformed Statements

An experienced Title IX defense attorney will recommend you only meet and speak with school representatives after receiving the evidence supporting accusations made against you. Sharing uninformed information during any conversations with these individuals earlier on in proceedings could put your defense at risk since some Title IX investigations have questionable allegations without credible evidence.

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Additionally, speaking from a conversational standpoint commonly adopted by people unfamiliar with formal communication styles may cause increased confusion regarding facts mentioned during an interview. Such guesses, speculations, and conjectures may be inaccurate or even exaggerated, making you look like a liar if you inadvertently recount conflicting events in the future.

Protective Rights and Privileges

Students accused of Title IX misconduct have certain protective rights and privileges to their advantage. Consulting with a Title IX defense attorney before speaking with school officials ensures that accused students can preserve these rights without exposing themselves to unnecessary risks.

Some forms of sexual assault and stalking are criminal offenses. Studious accused of any form of Title IX misconduct must understand that they should avoid implicating themselves in any such crimes. If this is not taken seriously, an innocent student could wrongfully charge themselves by sharing wrongful or exaggerated information.

How to Move Forward Properly

In summary, students should not speak with school officials or campus or local police about their Title IX misconduct charges without first consulting with an experienced Title IX defense attorney. By working with Todd Spodek and the Spodek Law Group, you’ll only need to speak factually about matters that are true while preserving your privacy and confidentiality rights.

Spodek has helped many college and university students across the United States adequately defend against false, exaggerated, and unfair allegations. Don’t wait to receive assistance from local attorneys! Come directly to Todd Spodek at 212-300-5196 or through online resources for unbeatable help no matter the situation!

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