Facing Sexual Misconduct Allegations at Northern Kentucky University

Facing Sexual Misconduct Allegations at Northern Kentucky University

Facing Sexual Misconduct Charges in College? Todd Spodek Can Help

As a college student facing sexual misconduct charges, you may be feeling overwhelmed with complex emotions right now, from confusion and anger to hurt and isolation. It’s only natural to wonder if anyone will believe you and take your side. But let me reassure you: Todd Spodek believes you, and he is ready to help you get the justice you deserve.

Todd Spodek has spent his career representing students just like you. He is on your side, well-versed in Title IX cases and non-Title IX cases alike, and ready to defend your rights with knowledge, experience, and unwavering dedication.

Understanding Title IX Cases

The vast majority of sexual misconduct cases in Northern Kentucky University are investigated and adjudicated under the guidance of the federal government’s strict guidelines for Title IX – a set of over 550 pages only understood by legal experts. Below are some crucial points that can offer helpful insights into the process:

1) Your School Must Have a Designated Title IX Coordinator
This person is responsible for setting policies regarding sexual misconduct allegations and determining whether or not they warrant further investigation.

2) You Must Receive Written Notice of the Charges Against You
If your school decides to investigate your case, they must provide clear details about the allegations against you as well as identifying the Complainant (your accuser).

3) You Have Important Rights That Need to Be Respected
Among these rights are A presumption of “Not Responsible” (Not Guilty), an advisor (who may also be an attorney) who helps prepare your case and represents you at meetings or hearings where review all evidence against you will occur.

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4) The Investigator Appointed by The Title IX Coordinator Will Collect Evidence & Interview Witnesses
You will have 60-90 days during which they can interviewed to give their version of the events that led up to the current allegations.

5) Preponderance of Evidence Standard Sets Responsibility for the Outcome
The Investigative Report will be forwarded to the Title IX Coordinator after completion. They set a hearing date and time, choose a Decision Maker who follows the Preponderance of Evidence standard to decide if over 50 percent of the allegations are true.

6) You Can Appeal to Revise Decisions
You can submit an appeal within five days from notification of the decision based on certain reasons including procedural irregularity or new evidence discovered.

Non-Title IX Cases

It’s worth noting that there is another category of sexual misconduct known as “Non-Title IX” cases. It means when Title IX does not cover every instance of sexual misconduct, such as incidents happening off-campus. However, NKU prohibits non-Title IX sexual misconduct under its own Student Code of Conduct and has formulated distinct procedures accordingly.

Though most parts of Northern Kentucky University’s Non-Title IX processes work like those under Title IX, and with advisors being allowed (who may also be attorneys), some vital differences exist too in Non-Title IX cases. Advisors are typically less involved, and non-Title IX hearings could be heard by either administrative officials or a panel made up faculty, staff, and students from a selection pool.

How Todd Spodek Can Help

Regardless of which type your case might fall under (whether Title IX or non-Title IX), you mustn’t take any chances with your future educational career without Todd Spodeks counseling because there’s simply too much at stake. For example, being found responsible carries suspension penalties at the least while most cases come with expulsion sanctions, which might prevent you from entering other schools further in life.

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Remember that both Title IX guidelines and NKU’s Student Code recognize your right to choose an advisor who is usually an experienced lawyer—allowing Todd Spodek’s expert guide through the intricacies of the legal process. With his guidance, you can trust that your rights are being defended with meticulous care and commitment to justice.

Todd Spodek is an expert in Title IX cases and non-Title IX cases alike, with a wealth of knowledge and experience built up through years of protecting student rights. He truly believes in you and understands what you’re going through, which means he’s determined to make sure you’re treated fairly by school institutions or state laws.

Remember, if you or your child has been accused of sexual misconduct, there’s no time to lose. Contact the Spodek Law Group today by calling 888-555-3686 or using our automated online form to receive expert guidance on how to defend your rights and stand up for fairness – don’t leave it until it’s too late!

In conclusion, Todd Spodeks expertise as an experienced lawyer brings invaluable skills when it comes to dealing with complex Title IX cases judiciously while also ensuring that non-Title IX cases are handled professionally if further legal considerations arise down the line ahead. So-called “Preponderance of Evidence” dictate standard set by Title IX compliance affects universities adjudicating sexual misconduct violations without going through regular criminal court systems federally. Don’t underestimate the severity of any accusations when they are being made against your character – seek swift counsel from the right law firm who prioritizes your innocence!

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