Fighting Sexual Misconduct Allegations at Loyola University Chicago

Fighting Sexual Misconduct Allegations at Loyola University Chicago

Defending Yourself Against Sexual Misconduct Allegations at Loyola University Chicago

If you or someone you know has been accused of sexual misconduct, it is crucial to take the matter seriously. The consequences of such accusations can be severe, including suspension or expulsion from Loyola Chicago or other schools. These allegations not only affect academic prospects but also have long-term effects on your reputation and career opportunities.

Title IX
Title IX is a federal law that outlines the rules for investigating and adjudicating claims of sexual misconduct by colleges and universities. Most Title IX cases involve students, and Title IX provides guidelines on how cases should be conducted according to the federal government’s standards.

Procedures for Title IX Investigations at Loyola University Chicago
When an accusation is made, Loyola has procedures in place that mirror those set by the federal government.

Title IX Coordinator: Every school must have a Title IX Coordinator who deals with accusations. All faculty and staff are required to report any knowledge they have of sexual misconduct. Only potential complainant(s) or the Coordinator are authorized to sign an official complaint.

Notice: Upon signing of an official complaint, you will receive a notice from the Coordinator containing detailed information about the allegation, including specific details of what youre facing. You will also learn about your rights, such as the right to be presumed ‘not responsible’ and can choose an advisor who could be an attorney.

Investigators Report: After an investigation concludes – where both parties interviews with investigator(s) can take place -the Investigator drafts reports summarizing their findings against you if applicable.

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The Hearing: After investigation findings against you are drafted, a Live hearing date will then be scheduled wherein panelists decide whether or not you are responsible for a violation using the preponderance-of-evidence standard which mandates decision-makers find respondents responsible if they believe it is more than ***fifty percent likely*** that he/she committed sexual misconduct during the incident.

Appeals: Sometimes appeals could be filed, but Loyola Chicago allows both complainant(s) and respondents just ten days to file an appeal. Appeals can only be made on certain very specific grounds:

– The discovery of new evidence
– An accusation of procedural irregularities
– An accusation of bias on the part of a Title IX official

Non-Title IX Cases at Loyola University Chicago

According to allegations reported in 2020, there have been cases referred to as “non-Title IX” cases, which are subjected to university guidelines, like every other case but do not fall under Title IX jurisdiction, thereby making them susceptible to different investigations and adjudications.

Unlike Title IX cases where hearing panels are obliged to scrutinize evidence strictly following the preponderance-of-evidence standard, schools handling non-Title IX cases may use outdated investigative procedures due only to lacking Federal Law backing them up.

Loyola University Chicago conducts investigations for both Title IX and non-Title IX cases; however, you do not have the right to requests hearings or cross-examine witnesses in a non-Title IX case. Similarly, Investigators are authorized to make crucial decisions should any violation occur.

Sexual Misconduct Advisor Todd Spodek
Attorney Todd Spodek is recognized across different states for his expertise in defending students against accusations of sexual assault or harassment. Attorney Spodek has helped hundreds of students get justice through successful negotiations or courtroom proceedings. Plus, attorney Spodek is aware that universities operate differently may it be a Title IX or Non-Title IX case.

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In All
If you or your child has been accused of sexual misconduct at college/University such as Loyola University Chicago? Attorneys such as Sexual Misconduct Advisor Todd Spodek available from the Law Firm today can assist in guiding you through the complex process every step of the way while ensuring you get the justice you deserve.

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