Harm to Others

Harm to Others

Protect Your Future by Seeking Legal Help for Causing Harm to Others Charges

Physical and emotional harm to others are no joke, whether intended or not. College and university students may find themselves facing charges of such misconduct, committing serious violations that can stem from on or off-campus incidents. The gravity of the situation warrants that one must be familiar with the definition of such violations:

– Physical violence: This includes physical abuse, assault, battery, threats of violence, and any act that subjects another person to unwanted physical contact.
– Intentional or reckless endangerment: Involves threatening or causing physical harm to a persons well-being or property.
– Harassment patterns: Conduct aimed at abusing or harassing someone verbally, with threats of intimidation, bullying, coercion or stalking conducted in a manner that threatens the health and safety of an individual and their property.
– Stalking: Repetitive menacing pursuit through following, harassment an individual in a manner that intimidates them.
– Bullying behavior: Repeated harassment with intent to cause fear in another person.
– Retaliatory behavior including adverse action against anyone who makes good faith report(s) misconduct allegations. It aims at intimidating the involved parties.
– Using social media platforms,email,text messages,and other digital technologies with intent to harass,bully,stalk someone.

Feeling lost and uncertain when slapped with causing harm to others charges is usual – this is not uncommon among students in higher educational institutions.  But calling student defense attorney Todd Spodek can make all the difference as he’ll guide you through every step in protecting your rights.

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Why Choose Defense Attorney Todd Spodek?

Todd Spodek has a vast experience representing college students charged with offenses violation on campus grounds throughout the United States. He’s done so quite successfully due to his strengths located within his exceptional legal skills and winning personality,having dealt with cases from either end.

He understands that unwarranted accusations might mean permanent damage to your future, and would always seek out innovative defense tactics that would improve the outcome of your trial in terms of evidence or logic.

For years he has chosen to lead by example by fighting endlessly on behalf of common accused individuals whose rights are kept under high anonymity hood.

He also acknowledges how much education costs and why it’s essential to preserve one’s record professionally.

His versatility extends from the handling of assault & battery,drug offenses,internet crimes, property crimes etc.,contact Todd Spodek today!

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