High School Title IX Advisor – Kentucky

High School Title IX Advisor – Kentucky

Title IX is a federal law enacted in 1972 that promises protection against sexual discrimination and harassment to students attending public schools, including high schools in Kentucky. If your student is facing Title IX proceedings at their Kentucky high school, it is crucial to consider the services of an experienced legal advisor who can protect your student’s rights during this trying time.

Sadly, instances of sexual misconduct are not uncommon in small Kentucky schools. Unsolicited or unwanted sexual favors, advances, or requests; unwelcome verbal, visual and physical behavior; offensive comments about another person’s sex; and any form of sexual harassment that interferes with a student’s right to education fall under Title IX definitions of sexual harassment. Acts of sexual violence include assault or abuse of a sexual nature, rape (and attempted rape), inappropriate touching, and aggressive sexual advancements.

Kentucky high schools must have policies in place for dealing with Title IX cases because they receive federal funding. However, because the Obama administration never had comprehensive regulations in place when it came to handling Title IX cases at secondary institutions that received federal funds, school districts can come up with different grievance procedures. As such, it’s essential to work with someone well-versed on each district’s protocols and has extensive knowledge about Title IX so you can take proactive measures to safeguard your student.

While the primary objective should be getting to the truth of accusations leveled at your child while keeping them safe from harm aimed at either combatting sexual misconduct or protecting victims’ rights from being infringed upon, some Kentucky high schools write their Title IX policies with alleged accusers’ security in mind. Instead of prioritizing accused individuals’ rights as well, which raises questions on whether these students receive fair treatment throughout the investigation process.

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Falsely accusing someone of grooming or sexually assaulting you can lead to unwarranted punishment that may permanently damage their academic or professional prospects without any chance for appeal. That’s why defending against false allegations of sexual misconduct in a Title IX hearing or investigation is vital.

In Kentucky, schools may recommend implementing correctional measures specific to the severity of the alleged incident. These measures range from mandatory counseling to suspension or expulsion from school, which could lead to attending alternate educational programs. Such punishments can come with the stigma of poor reputation as well as an entry in your child’s academic records documenting any disciplinary actions taken against them.

The dispute resolution process set out by some Kentucky high schools underlines the importance of hiring an attorney who is skilled at legal documents’ management, paperwork and representing clients. Students accused of sexual misconduct must act quickly because they may only have a brief window within which they can appeal unwarranted recommended corrective action taken by their school.

If you need assistance with a student misconduct case involving Title IX investigations, hearings and appeals, consider retaining Todd Spodek – an experienced attorney that has devoted his career to standing up for high school students throughout Kentucky and other states across America. With more than 1,000 student misconduct cases under his belt across various districts nationwide, Spodek has the experience and competence needed to help you navigate through this difficult academic future landscape.

To see if your child’s district is covered among many others he specializes in fighting on behalf of accused students’ rights come into contact today by filling out our contact form online or call us at 212-300-5196 for more information.

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Listed below are schools where Todd Spodek can represent students undergoing Title IX procedures during their appeals, hearings or investigations:



  • Ashland Independent School District
  • Ballard County Schools
  • Barbourville Independent schools
  • Bardstown City schools
  • Barren County schools
  • Bath County schools
  • Beechwood Independent school district (Fort Mitchell, KY)
  • Bell County schools
  • Bellevue independent schools


  • Adair County Schools

    Lawrence County Schools

    Raceland-Worthington Independent Schools

    Allen County Schools

    Lee County School District

    Robertson County Schools

    Anchorage Independent Schools

    Leslie County Schools

    Rockcastle County Schools /h3>

    Contact Todd Spodek and his team today to secure the best representation possible for you or your student’s Title IX proceeding case!

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