Hood College Title IX Violations

Hood College Title IX Violations

The Importance of Understanding How Your College Handles Title IX Violations

Sexual misconduct allegations can have a devastating impact on your college experience. Accusations of sexual harassment, assault, rape, or dating violence can ruin your reputation and jeopardize any educational or professional goals you have set for yourself. Therefore, regardless of the validity of the allegations, it is critical to understand how your school will handle your case and what steps you should take to defend yourself properly.

Unfortunately, many students make the mistake of going through school procedures passively and hopelessly believing that innocence will eventually prevail. However, the truth is that colleges have more incentives to side with accusers due to pressure from the Department of Education and fear of a potential lawsuit. Thus, no matter how confident you are in your innocence, you must fight hard to clear your name and make sure that your account of what happened is heard before making any decisions. To defend yourself effectively against these allegations, it is crucial to know how Hood College handles these cases and recognize the value of an attorney in these situations.

Filing a Title IX Complaint

During Title IX processes concerning sexual misconduct cases, all parties involved in a complaint will receive specific labels. The person who reports the incident will be referred to as a “complainant,” while the accused will be labeled as a “respondent.” Once a complaint has been filed with detailed descriptions of alleged misconduct by each party involved included therein; further proceedings begin.

The Investigative Phase

The investigative phase is broken down into several categories:

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Administrative Response Phase – A coordinator will evaluate whether there’s enough evidence which suggests that any sort of violation was committed relating to this particular incident or not.

Investigation – This step refers to trying to obtain more information related to such incidences through interviews with witnesses besides information given by complainants 4and respondents.

A Hearing – Once necessary information has been gathered regarding such incidences during the investigation phase, a hearing is set up, where both parties get their chance to express their version of events in front of a panel. At this stage, witness testimonies are also taken into account.

After reviewing all the evidence presented at the hearing, the panel will use a “preponderance of evidence” standard to decide whether it’s more likely than not that a violation took place. They then give recommendations on which sanctions should be assigned as appropriate for any found violations.


If you disagree with a determination or disciplinary action and feel they were issued unfairly or based on an unreasonable proposition, you may be entitled to appeal provided it satisfies certain criteria. Appeals must be submitted within ten days of receiving notification of the final decision.

Why You Need A Title IX Advisor

If you wish to have access to professionals who know how to defend your rights throughout these processes and ensure that your trial is entirely fair and impartial, getting an attorney by your side is essential. An experienced attorney like Todd Spodek can help protect your rights rigorously by fighting passionately for your future in hearings against Title IX allegations.

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Todd Spodek ensures by prioritizing his clients’ needs and well-being first above all else that all available legal strategies are leveraged in supporting them against Title IX ramifications potentially ruing their lives if not defended against properly and as early as possible during the disciplinary process. Furthermore, he has been lobbying effectively against colleges regarding Title IX procedures throughout his career.

Todd Spodek may assist students facing disciplinary actions with his status as a licensed attorney in New Jersey and Pennsylvania pro hac vice admitted when practicing law on behalf of clients nationwide providing nationwide assistance being noteworthy advisors relating hearings under Title IX instances concerning disciplinary cases throughout Maryland besides other parts across America. Ensure that you protecting yourself/life against alleged violations; call Todd Spodek now!

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