How can I help my child appeal a university sexual misconduct case in North Dakota? VIDEO

How can I help my child appeal a university sexual misconduct case in North Dakota? VIDEO

Protecting your child’s academic and professional future should be a priority when they are accused of sexual misconduct at a college or university in North Dakota. It is critical to ensure that the investigation is handled correctly and the accused student’s interests are safeguarded from the start of the process. The investigation sets the foundation for what the hearing panel will consider during a hearing, and even in cases where a finding of responsibility for sexual misconduct is made solely through an investigation, what happens during it will determine if the accused is found responsible or not.

Different schools have varying appeal policies set up that you should familiarize yourself with if your child needs to appeal a finding of responsibility and/or sanction over sexual misconduct allegations. Some schools process appeals after investigating or conducting hearings, while others begin with an appeal even before a hearing takes place. You need to understand which stage of the process your child’s school allows for appeals to take effect. Furthermore, colleges or universities usually permit specific grounds for an appeal under given circumstances such as disproportionate sanctions, procedural error or defect, new evidence that was not earlier available.

Your child must meet each allowed ground and deadline for an appeal set by their school. There are schools with similar allowable grounds, but it helps to know precisely which essential issues they expect to be resolved before filing an official form. Instead of going through this rigorous process on their own, retain an experienced attorney advisor who could guide them throughout.

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North Dakota has various colleges and universities under Todd Spodeks legal representation as a college sexual misconduct advisor during investigations, hearings, and appeals handling; these include but are not limited to:

– Bismarck State College
– Cankdeska Cikana Community College
– Dakota College at Bottineau
– Dickinson State University
– Fort Berthold Community College
– Jamestown College
– Lake Region State College
– Mayville State University
– Minot State University
– North Dakota State College of Science
– North Dakota State University Main Campus
– Sitting Bull College
– Trinity Bible College
– Turtle Mountain Community College
– United Tribes Technical College
– University of Mary
– University of North Dakota
– Valley City State University
– Williston State College

Todd Spodek has fought passionately for his clients in universities and colleges nationwide, knowing the significant importance of mounting a strong defense. An accused student’s academic and professional future is on the line, and settling for an easy way out should never be an option. Instead, Todd Spodek prioritizes his client’s needs to ensure they get what’s best for them under different circumstances.

As a licensed attorney practicing at Pennsylvania, New Jersey, and New York, Todd Spodek adequately represents his clients by providing quality legal services in state and federal court if necessary while appearing as an attorney pro hac vice. He serves as a college sexual misconduct advisor to students and anyone else facing sexual misconduct investigations or disciplinary cases powered by Title IX within North Dakota or beyond its borders.

If you want to ensure your or your child’s interest is protected through any allegation accusations regarding sexual misconduct in colleges or universities across North Dakota or beyond its territories – contact Sexual Misconduct Defense Attorney Todd Spodek today at 212-300-5196 or complete the online form available on our website.

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