How can I help my child prepare for a college sexual misconduct hearing in New Jersey? VIDEO

How can I help my child prepare for a college sexual misconduct hearing in New Jersey? VIDEO

How to Help Your Child Prepare for a University Sexual Misconduct Hearing in New Jersey

Being accused of university sexual misconduct has serious consequences. Not only is your child’s academic future on the line, but their professional future as well. As soon as the college or university notifies the respondent (the accused student) of allegations against them, you need to start thinking about preparing for a hearing. It’s important to respond to the allegations effectively because it will be challenged during the hearing process. To support your child’s version of events, anything that can be presented needs to be done so at the applicable time. This includes obtaining expert reports and presenting witnesses and documentary evidence.

Prior to the hearing, an investigation report will be prepared and presented to the hearing panel. It’s crucial that this report is as strong as possible since it will enable the panel to have a good understanding of the case before any hearings take place.

To prepare for an upcoming hearing, an opening and closing statement need to be made, questions for witnesses developed and cross-examination questions rehearsed. This should include preparation for both complainants and respondents.

Oversight and accountability are critical throughout this process. An experienced attorney advisor can provide much-needed support when facing a university sexual misconduct hearing in New Jersey.

At Todd Spodek, our experienced team can help guide you through every step of this difficult process with sensitivity and care. With years of experience fighting passionately for his clients’ futures at colleges and universities throughout America, Todd Spodek understands how important it is to mount a strong defense – he knows his clients’ academic and professional futures depend on him doing everything he can.

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Our College Sexual Misconduct Advisors represent students facing charges at all major NJ institutions including Bloomfield College, Caldwell University, Centenary College, The College of New Jersey (TCNJ), The College of Saint Elizabeth, Drew University, Fairleigh Dickinson University – Metropolitan Campus Health Science Campus Florham Campus, Georgian Court University, Kean University, Monmouth University, Montclair State University, New Jersey City University, New Jersey Institute of Technology (NJIT), Princeton University, Ramapo College of New Jersey, Rowan University, Rider University’s Lawrenceville Campus and Westminster Choir College in Princeton (on hiatus as a result of COVID-19), Rutgers – The State University of New Jersey (New Brunswick/Piscataway/Camden), Saint Peter’s University (Jersey City), Seton Hall Law School (Newark), Stevens Institute of Technology, Stockton University’s Galloway Twp. Egg Harbor Twp., and Atlantic City campuses, Thomas Edison State College/University (Trenton) and William Paterson University.

It is critical to ensure that the college sexual misconduct investigation at your New Jersey school is handled correctly from the outset so that the accused student’s interests are protected. The foundation for this begins even before any hearings take place with the investigative process being among the most critical elements when it comes to determining whether someone is found guilty or not. With an experienced advisor on your side from day one will help ensure every step possible is taken towards a successful outcome.

Sadly some students and families make the mistake of neglecting an effective defense or delaying it until its too late to take corrective action successfully. It can be easy to believe that explaining what happened will resolve everything – but unfortunately in far too many cases this simply isn’t true.

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At Todd Spodek we specialize in providing legal support for those facing university sexual misconduct charges throughout America. As licensed attorneys in New York Pennsylvania and New Jersey and through our pro hac vice provisions At Todd Spodek we fight hard for our clients’ futures prioritizing their needs above all else.

To receive expert support when you need it most contact Todd Spodek today at 212-300-5196 or visit our website to complete our online form.

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