How We Can Assist You

How We Can Assist You

Why You Need the Help of a Title IX Defense Attorney

Title IX cases have become quite popular, especially because of their sensitivity and the enormous emotional pressure it brings to all parties involved. However, the feelings of anxiety and confusion an accused student experiences are unparalleled, mainly when such accusations are false or subjected to exaggerated claims. It, therefore, implies a bleak future for the said students facing disciplinary measures for misconduct. Such consequences could lead to expulsion from an institution, strict conditions placed on students’ welfare, and intense stigmatization for sexual misconduct convictions.

In certain circumstances, affected students may even face criminal charges that come with all the struggles of both criminal investigations and disciplinary procedures. Even though situations like this might seem challenging initially, accused individuals can win the case with the services of a reputable Title IX defense attorney.

Why do you need legal counsel on your side? The stakes are too high in such scenarios where there are potentials for expulsion or police investigation(s). Sexual assault allegations tend to spill over outside academia since they affect most post-graduate employment opportunities. In certain cases, carrying such tags on one’s academic record could obliterate any chance of graduating from a school or pursuing advanced degrees. Above all else is the possibility of freedom compromising penalties like prison sentences that come with criminal convictions.

Hiring an experienced attorney who understands your entitled rights under your school’s code of conduct protection becomes necessary in events like these. Saddling yourself with insufficient preparation or complacency regarding a through investigation fail almost every time during hearings. Adequate legal representation at this stage becomes crucial as it avails counsel who observes proceedings strictly from a legal perspective.

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The good news is that we can give you precisely what you need at moments like these. As a seasoned Title IX lawyer and adviser familiar with delicate matters similar to yours, I assure you that I can provide diverse versatile services also bearing in mind confidentiality as well.

What I Can Help You With

As the Title IX attorney and adviser, we can provide diverse services to ensure clients get more than adequate legal representation. We can help with the following:

1. Explain and preserve your entitled rights under your school’s code of conduct protection.

2. Participate in any investigation, hearing, or appeals process hosted by your institution.

3. Assess and discuss with you the legal options available in the event of an unfavorable determination.

4. Assist in preparing full and watertight defenses against alleged misconduct by conducting private investigations that gather facts supporting your account of events.

5. Submit ‘litigation hold’ letters if there is a chance that the client’s being treated unfairly, warning institutions that we could go after them if necessary

6. Advocate our side of the story before our schools’ Title IX investigator, coordinator, school officials involved in our client’s case, including their attorneys if necessary, etc.

7. Represent clients submitting persuasive appeals effectively challenging unfair or unjustified determinations.


Being indicted for sexual misconduct at any level is a risky affair that affects different areas of life outside formal academic settings. The weight and complexity of such allegations may intimidate accused persons into acting confused or unprepared during investigations or hearings without proper adequate representation on their side.

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At this point, coaching becomes vital to ensure clients comprehend their situation well enough to make solid preparations before appearing before investigative bodies or administrative panels made up mainly of legal experts protecting institutional interests. Such assistance prepares networks against false accusations head-on through an exhaustive fact-finding process while representing them skillfully throughout the resolution process to win favorable outcomes pertinent to their welfare going forward.
If you require further information on legal protection under Title IX protocol concerning sexual misconduct claims or inquiries on how to secure legal counsel connection Todd Spodek Attorney today on 212-300-5196 for prompt assistance!

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