John A. Fernandez

John A. Fernandez

Assisting the Disabled and Injured: John Anthony Fernandezs Journey to Becoming a Michigan Attorney

John Anthony Fernandez is a highly accomplished attorney who has spent over three decades assisting disabled individuals, injured victims, and children with special needs. His journey began at the University of Michigan, Ann Arbor where he obtained his undergraduate degree before transitioning to Suffolk University Law School in Boston for his law degree.

Returning back to Michigan after completing his legal studies, John joined Wayne County Neighborhood Legal Services where he passionately represented low-income and under-resourced persons in various areas of the law. Over time, his focus shifted towards representing and advocating for individuals who require special assistance due to their disabilities or injuries.

Today, John is a licensed attorney in the State of Michigan and serves as Spodek Law Group’s Michigan Managing Attorney. He represents injury victims all over Michigan while also representing disabled individuals during Social Security hearings across the United States.

Johns Passionate Representation of Under-Resourced Persons in Wayne County (Table 1)

| Year | Organization | Role |
| —- | ———— | —- |
| 1983 – 1985 | Wayne County Neighborhood Legal Services | Staff Attorney |
| 1985 – 1991 | Consolidated Governmental Agencies | Hearing Officer |

As can be seen from Table 1 above, Johns commitment to advocating for under-resourced people started early in his career. During his tenure at Wayne County Neighborhood Legal Services between 1983 and 1985 as a staff attorney, he provided legal aid to low-income individuals on various cases ranging from housing issues to consumer protection matters.

Between 1985 and 1991, John continued his advocacy for people facing hardship by taking up a role as a hearing officer at Consolidated Government Agencies. As a hearing officer he presided over appeals brought forward by citizens concerning property tax assessments made by local government agencies.

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Championing the Rights of Disabled Individuals and Injury Victims

After several years advocating for underprivileged individuals facing various legal issues, John decided to shift his focus on protecting the rights of the disabled and injury victims. Over the past three decades, he has dedicated himself to providing exceptional legal representation that empowers clients to receive fair compensation while giving them a chance to regain control over their lives.

John’s Representation Expertise (Table 2)

| Practice Areas | Role |
| ————– | —- |
| Social Security Disability Appeals | Counselor & Representative |
| Workers Compensation Claims | Advocate and Attorney |
| Personal Injury Claims | Trial Attorney |

As shown in Table 2 above, Johns expertise is centered around areas where people may require special assistance due to disabilities or injuries. He works tirelessly as a counselor and representative for disabled individuals seeking Social Security Disability benefits. Also, he is an advocate and attorney for workers compensation claims that assist employees with obtaining proper medical care and wage coverage after they are injured at work.

Furthermore, John is also a renowned trial attorney representing personal injury victims who have suffered substantial losses due to someone else’s negligence. He takes pride in providing quality legal services that ensure his clients receive just compensation that covers medical bills, lost wages, pain and suffering among other related expenses.


In conclusion, John Anthony Fernandez is an accomplished attorney with vast experience representing under-resourced people facing legal challenges in Michigan. His commitment to assisting individuals requiring special assistance due to disabilities or injuries shows his unwavering dedication to empowering those who require it most. At Spodek Law Group, John continues his mission of championing the rights of disabled persons and injury victims by providing exceptional legal services that get desired results.

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