John F. Bojazi

John F. Bojazi

Meet John F. Bojazi: Dedicated Advocate and Litigation Associate

John F. Bojazi, a litigation associate at Spodek Law Group, has always been committed to ensuring that everyone has the opportunity to protect their legal rights. Raised in Philadelphia, John attended Ursinus College where he completed his Bachelor of Business degree before working as a private investigator on major drug and homicide cases. Along with co-creating Ready Set Live, a non-profit organization for cancer survivors, his work heightened his passion for law and drove him to enroll at Thomas Kline School of Law.

At Thomas Kline School of Law, John did internships at the Philadelphia District Attorney’s Office and clerked for Court of Common Pleas Philadelphia Judge O’Neil during the summers. During his last semester, he worked as part of the school’s co-op program and was selected for the Philadelphia Legal Assistance program where he helped people with family court and protection from abuse cases.

Now licensed to practice law in all Municipal/Court of Common Pleas Courts in Pennsylvania and State of New Jersey, John focuses primarily on criminal, family, and real estate law matters. At Spodek Law Group, he continues expanding his legal skills while maintaining a strong dedication to preserving justice.


College Ursinus College
Degree Bachelor of Business degree
Graduate Studies:
InstitutionDegree Obtained
Law School Thomas Kline School of Law Juris Doctorate

Legal Experience and Accomplishments

Td>Ackerman Security Solutions-Boston MA; Cyber forensic Analyst

Td>The Philadelphia District Attorney’s Office

Td>Haddon Heights Board of Education, Haddon Heights NJ

DateAction Taken at Workplace/Institution/OrganizationBold Action taken at the institution/Organization
Past to Present (Years) Spodek Law Group LLC, Philadelphia, PA; Litigation Associate Strong dedication to ensuring justice for all clients.
Last Semester Law School (6 months) Philadelphia Legal Assistance Program
Semester during Law School (4 months) Judicial Internship at Court of Common Pleas Judge ONeil Philadelphia PAGained experience working on post-trial proceedings like unsuccessful negotiations for new trial motions.
Aided judge ONeil during side-bar conferences between attorneys.
Cybercrime Unit Summer Fellow (2 months summer-job) Analyzed social media content and online profiles to determine implications for criminal investigation requests.
Summer Internship (3 months summer-job) Conducted legal experiences in every facet of major trial unit-prosecution. Drafted various indictments from non-jury trials.
Subpoena Server (4 months – parttime job) focuses on serving subpoenas within school district, including criminal cases and interpersonal matters.
Pro Bono Work:
Last Semester Law School (6 months) Pennsylvania Innocence Project Pro-Tempore Legal Assistant Focused predominantly helping with document discovery requirements; researching wrongful convictions; interview clients, witnesses and investigators related to criminal prosecutions. Organized case files so that attorneys could work more efficiently on each case review.
(two-day event) 2019 Feb Serviced as Judge & Volunteer Coordinator Lawyers Without Borders Mid Atlantic Regional Conference Moot Court International Criminal Tribunal Simulation. John helped run the International Criminal Tribunal simulation with details regarding Rule of Law concerns, ad hoc-tribunals; self-representation issues during trials among others.

Additionally, John ran the Judges chambers also responsible for organizing judges for each trial.

Non-Legal Experience and Accomplishments:

Non-Legal Experience and Accomplishments: Description
Co-founder of Ready Set Live, a non-profit organization for cancer survivors Focus on coordinating events that get survivors of cancer together with items like wellness programs, fitness classes activities like art or music classes across the local Philadelphia area.
Private Investigator – Criminal Investigations Criminal investigations with focus on homicide and narcotics cases.

Certifications and Bar Admissions:

Td>Rochester Institute of Technology, Rochester NY; Cybercrime & Digital initiatives unit. Certificate obtained focused on foundational digital forensic analysis concepts including commonly used tools in the industry such as:

• Hex editors/viewers

• Windows Operating Systems Event viewer

• Software-write blockers

Viewed samples of representative types of forensics data acquisition use-cases.

Certifications/Admissions: Description
Licensed to practice law in all Municipal/Court of Common Pleas Courts in Pennsylvania and New Jersey Fully licensed to perform legal operations throughout NJ as well as Pennsylvanias lower court systems.
Digital Forensics Certificate- Basic Digital Forensic Analysis: Foundational Concepts (2-day course)
HackerOne Certified Professional certification (HCP certification) certification number H1-1027-11783; Certification issued July 2020 Validated skills and readiness for bug hunting jobs; Currently working in remote basis jobs.
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