John Sebree Harris

John Sebree Harris

Passionate Litigation Associate Dedicated to Helping You Achieve Desired Results

If you are seeking legal representation that combines passion, dedication, and a commitment to justice, look no further than attorney John Sebree Harris, Esquire. Born and raised in Wilmington, Delaware, John earned his bachelor’s degree from the esteemed Georgia State University before enrolling at Widener Commonwealth School of Law to pursue his Juris Doctorate.

During his time as a law student, John proved himself as a natural leader by serving as President of the Black Law Student Association. He also exercised his passion for helping those in need by providing assistance to Widener’s Law Clinic. Here, he worked hard preparing and filing Federal, State, and Local taxes on behalf of indigent and elderly citizens residing in Central Pennsylvania.

Following graduation, John was granted professional licenses to practice law in both the State of Georgia and Pennsylvania. Today, he focuses his practice primarily on Education law, Family law, and Personal Injury cases. With an unmatched passion for justice fueling him every step of the way, Attorney Harris strives to ensure that his clients receive the desired results that they deserve through legal processes.

Get Your Legal Issues Resolved with Passionate Litigator Attorney John Sebree Harris

At times when you need it most – when you’ve been wronged or injured by someone else’s negligence – it may feel like justice is out of reach. Luckily for you and other Georgians or Pennsylvanians facing similar issues in Family law matters such as divorce or child custody battles or Education law cases involving disability discrimination or school board disciplinary actions against your child or Personal Injury claims related to car accidents or slip-and-fall injuries resulting from unsafe premises; attorney John Sebree Harris has made helping people like you achieve their legal goals his life’s work.

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When you choose John as your lawyer, rest assured that you have partnered with someone who truly cares about your case and will fight tirelessly on your behalf. His commitment to his clients goes beyond just legal representation; he is committed to ensuring that you receive the best possible outcome through compassionate, aggressive representation.

So if you are searching for a litigator in Georgia or Pennsylvania who can help you untangle your legal issues, contact John Sebree Harris today. With him by your side, you can rest assured that passionate legal representation is right around the corner.

Table: Attorney John Sebree Harris’ Areas of Practice

| Area of Practice |
| Education Law |
| Family Law |
| Personal Injury |

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