Kansas City University of Medicine and Biosciences College of Osteopathic Medicine

Kansas City University of Medicine and Biosciences College of Osteopathic Medicine

Why You Need Legal Help as a Medical Student

Medical schools train their students to be more than mere anatomists because the life of a physician goes beyond testing reflexes and listening to lungs; it requires compassion, leadership, and professionalism. Kansas City University of Medicine and Biosciences College of Osteopathic Medicine (KCU-COM) provides its students with excellent academic and professional standards that help graduates become the best doctors in the country. However, being human means you are prone to mistakes, especially when studying or learning new things.

Moreover, you may find yourself under too much pressure at times, accused of things you didn’t do or not given fair treatment by your school regarding grades or other issues. When you find yourself in such situations, it is crucial first to understand your school’s policies before seeking legal assistance. In this article, we’ll discuss how KCU-COM upholds its academic and professional standards, what happens if you don’t meet these standards, and how an attorney can help if facing any disciplinary action.

Academic Standards at KCU-COM

At KCU-COM, maintaining excellence begins with academics where every student’s performance is closely monitored through the Student Performance Committee (SPC). It would be best to ensure that you maintain a 2.0 GPA and attain at least a C (70%) in all classes. Should you fail a course, the SPC will assign you a remediation plan to help catch up or repeat the failed course alongside other failed courses from the semester.

Should students fail multiple courses within an academic year, they may be asked to retake the entire year or face dismissal from the program altogether should they lack satisfactory progress despite receiving remedial instruction. The Schools policy on academic performance has no mention of an appeals process hence suggesting that SPCs decisions are usually final.
Maintaining Professional Standards

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KCU COM expects high ethical and professional standards from its students both on and off-campus. The School’s code of professional conduct aligns with the American Osteopathic Association Code of Ethics while emphasizing the importance of maintaining ethical standards in their personal lives.

KCU-COM has a sound disciplinary system that applies sanctions and probation in case of campus disciplinary violations through the office of student services. It also empowers the SPC to decide on professional lapses that can affect a students status in medical school since KCU-COM holds its students to high ethical and professional standards.

This poses significant challenges for any student facing accusations or hearing regarding ethical violations or lapses in professionalism, given that KCU tends to dismiss students for anything other than minor offences. In this regard, retaining an attorney familiar with KCU policies and procedures is critical.
How Attorneys Help Medical Students

Most students dont necessarily need legal help until they face a hearing, have received sanctions or probation, or been dismissed from their programs entirely. However, there are benefits to hiring an experienced attorney before these situations emerge.

Firstly, they can help evaluate remediation plans assigned for failing grades to get more desirable outcomes like appealing original grades when appropriate. Secondly, attorneys can help clean up your transcript by negotiating with faculty and administration so as not to have negative remarks reflected on your record permanently.

Attorneys become integral when facing dismissal since nothing less than your entire career is at stake when undergoing a dismissal hearing — students found guilty without seeking legal assistance may lose their chance at being physicians altogether. This reality underscores the importance of having legal counsel who understands how schools operate while navigating various procedures accurately.
Todd Spodek: Student Attorney-Advisor

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Todd Spodek is a defense attorney specializing in representing students caught up in judicial cases involving higher education campuses. Being fully licensed and versed on law applicable within university settings makes him well-placed to defend medical students’ rights effectively.

With extensive experience representing hundreds of medical students over the years, he has a proven track record of defending students when their reputations and careers are on the line. Additionally, being passionate about student rights means his knowledge of the law applies to ensuring just treatment in any given scenario.

Having legal representation is critical when facing disciplinary action from your medical school. At Spodek Law firm, we know precisely how KCU-COM works and can provide you with top legal counsel to navigate seemingly complex situations effectively. Contact us today at 888-555-3686 or use our automated online form to receive appropriate legal guidance promptly.

Table: Academic Standards at KCU-COM

| :— | :— | —: |
|Grade point-average|2.0 GPA minimum Maintain C (70%) in ALL classes.|Failure to maintain academic standards will result in remediation plan from SPC.^1 Retake course; repeat the entire year or dismissal for failure with progress despite remedial instruction. ^2 If found guilty of misconduct, expulsion could be recommended by SPC.^3|
Source: Author’s Creation

Table: Maintaining Professional Standards at KCU-COM

|Standards|Expectations |Consequences|
| :— | :— | —: |
|Ethical conduct |Maintain high ethical and professional standards both off and on-campus.|Campus disciplinary violations attract sanctions under KCUs office of student services. Broadly, however, SPC has authority over how professional lapses impact program status^4; thus, dismissal is not uncommon even for minor offences.^5|
Source: Author’s Creation

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Table: How Attorneys Can Help Medical Students

|Services offered by Attorneys |Benefits |
| :— | :— |
|Evaluating remediation plans |- Saves time – Offers alternative ways to appeal failing grades |
|Cleaning up student transcripts |-Negotiation with faculty and examination administration to keep negative remarks off official records. |
|Avoiding dismissal |-Prepare an effective defense strategy for students facing dismissal hearings. offering legal guidance through complex procedures.|
Source: Author’s Creation


Medical School is rigorous, and maintaining high standards academically and professionally can be challenging. Failure to meet these standards can lead to remedial plans, which could result in retaking courses or expulsion if unsuccessful after instruction.

KCU-COM reviews performance regularly; however, their rulings are not always fair secondary to improperly followed policies or cases of academic misconduct that warrant legal intervention. Engaging competent attorneys such as Todd Spodek helps forestall the negative consequences that accompany non-compliance with school regulations or conduct codes.


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