Kutztown University of Pennsylvania

Kutztown University of Pennsylvania

Kutztown University of Pennsylvania: Understanding the Student Conduct Code and Consequences

Kutztown University of Pennsylvania’s Student Conduct Code is an essential part of its community standards system. The Code outlines and enforces behavioral expectations for students, governing the student body. Students found to have violated the Code will suffer sanctions imposed by the authority holding them responsible.

Incident Report

The process begins with the filing of an Incident Report at the Dean of Students’ Office. The Office may try to resolve any issues on a non-disciplinary or mediation basis initially, but violations may occur if there is sufficient evidence to make accusations.


Students charged with violations receive notifications through their University email addresses. They will also receive a preliminary briefing informing them of their charges and allowing them to offer responses, waive hearings altogether, and accept sanctions that follow.


If students do not accept responsibility for charges against them, hearing processes commence. Hearings take place in front of the University Conduct Board or alternatively held in front of a Student-Faculty Review Board. In hearings, accused students are addressed as “respondents” while presenting parties are referred to as “complainants.”
Complainants could be the university staff, faculty members or other students who raise concerns among each other about some individual under scrutiny.
During these hearings, witnesses testify while providing evidence that is worthy enough to prove somebody else guilty or innocent. Respondents can pose questions about evidence shared during this time giving explanations citing reasons why they feel they are not guilty.

Process Advisors manage these proceedings and will allow further discussions before concluding matters.

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Sanctions Available

Kutztown University imposes disciplinary sanctions whenever students violate policies related to academic integrity or any aspect arising from altercations between individuals on multiple occasions.

The possible consequences for violating regulations vary depending on the violation’s nature and severity; Kutztown University typically issues more than one sanction per offense given how serious it was. Students may face sanctions such as a disciplinary reprimand, review period, educational activities, social restriction, restitution or disciplinary probation.

Apart from these sanctions enumerated above, there are more severe effects for students who violate Title IX’s sexual misconduct regulations. Examples include stalking and intimate partner violence among others; the university reserves the right to suspend students for violating these policies.

Students may be motivated to have an attorney at their side when facing accusations to provide support during hearings which they feel could help strategize new ways of fighting back against allegations. Attorneys will also work together with them in selecting and presenting concrete evidence in support of their cases.

The Role of Experienced Attorneys Representing Kutztown University Students

Sometimes Kutztown University and attorneys can collaborate towards finding an amicable resolution by avoiding filing charges when possible both concerning academic integrity and meeting expectations set forth under the Student Conduct Code.

In some situations, accused students enlist services provided by experienced attorneys who consult about what strategic positions might be useful in approaching matters generally based on how individualized circumstances may present themselves at a given time.


If unhappy with proceedings’ outcomes, students may appeal within five calendar days via the Dean of Students Office to the Student-Faculty Review Board.

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The primary reasons for appeals include errors in procedural due process or claims that insufficient evidence supports original claims brought against respondents cited in violation reports.


With all this information at hand if you’re a student currently under investigation or know somebody whose future is looking bleak: perhaps seek out an experienced attorney like Todd Spodek? Choosing carefully knowing that different attorneys provide varying degrees of quality representation could be crucial protecting your interests long term considering how much depends on what comes next potentially limiting career prospects after college given how easy it is to have irrelevant disciplinary records tarnishing employment opportunities down the line – not worth risking what ultimately affects people so significantly.Ch}

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