La Roche College Title IX Violations

La Roche College Title IX Violations

La Roche College’s Bold Stance Against Sexual Misconduct on Campus

La Roche College takes a firm stand against acts of sexual misconduct within its student body. The administration has established a policy against sexual misconduct in its Student Handbook, which outlines the actions that constitute such behavior and the disciplinary actions that will be taken for violating the policy. Disciplinary measures for violating La Roche’s policy against sexual misconduct are similar to those used for instances of standard misconduct, but there may be additional steps taken due to the unique nature of these cases.

Effective Process for Investigating Sexual Misconduct

Whenever a student reports allegations of sexual misconduct on campus, the college immediately initiates an investigation to gather information needed to organize a hearing properly. During this preliminary investigation period, if necessary, interim measures can be implemented pending when investigations have been concluded. Some of these protective measures include changes in class schedules or temporary suspension from all college-related activities.

Hearing Procedures at LaRoche College

Once investigations have been concluded and ought to go for hearings, concerned authorities will conduct these proceedings. The Title IX Coordinator handles the most severe violations and refers them to a board chosen by them while less severe allegations can be addressed through alternative means by other authorities. In sanctioning decisions, hearings will begin with formal charges being read by panel heads with both parties standing before them- the accused and accuser– after which both sides would present their case supported with evidence materials cross-examined by panel questioners. Accused students are entitled to advisors whom they wish during hearings; however, most times, these advisors are college community members.

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Overcoming Adverse Sexual Misconduct Allegations Consequences

When facing allegations on campus relating to sexual assault or harassment accusations at La Roche College or charges under Title IX guidelines, it is essential that affected students consult attorneys’ services who could offer legal guidance throughout proceedings either behind-the-scenes or present at court sessions even if permitted. Consulting an attorney can ensure that affected student’s rights are protected while also providing support and helping with gathering evidence to present at the hearing.

Appeal Processes at La Roche College

If a student is unhappy with an unfavorable hearing outcome, they may appeal that decision within 72 hours after such results have been pronounced. Students may appeal decisions based on various grounds such as an unfair judgment, new evidence or even punishment deemed arbitrary or too severe.


Sexual misconduct on college campuses all over the USA is a growing problem, especially if there’s no proper policy in place to address issues relating to it. La Roche College policies against sexual harassment demonstrate its efforts towards being part of those institutions warding this trend off. It assures parents and guardians of students of their wards’ safety while on-campus by ensuring perpetrators face adequate disciplinary measures as outlined in their handbook policy.

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