Lewis Katz School of Medicine at Temple University

Lewis Katz School of Medicine at Temple University

Lewis Katz School of Medicine at Temple University: Ensuring Professionalism Among Students

Medical education and training is a long, rigorous journey towards a fulfilling career that demands high standards for academic success, integrity, professionalism, and excellent patient care. However, students who attend medical schools might face serious disciplinary sanctions such as suspension and expulsion if they violate the school’s code of conduct. These grievances could lead to undesirable residency and employment opportunities with reduced earning potential.

Therefore, hiring an experienced attorney in an advisory role is critical for protecting your rights and achieving a positive outcome. The attorney may consider negotiations to prevent severe sanctions or propose a remediation plan while assisting you during potential appeal hearings.

Common Breaches of Professionalism

Lewis Katz School of Medicine at Temple University expects its students to demonstrate compassion by maintaining high levels of professionalism and integrity. Unfortunately, some students fail to uphold these standards through:

– Inability to effectively manage academic obligations alongside clinical responsibilities.
– Failure to recognize all patients’ needs properly.
– Exhibiting weak communication skills by failing to build proper rapport or empathy.

Honor Code

LKSOM has set clear expectations for its students about “honesty, integrity, and civility” through its Honor Code. An Honor Board consisting of faculty staff and students conducts investigations after receiving complaints about student misconduct. This board compiles evidence before reaching a decision on potential violations.

Dismissal from the School of Medicine

Expulsion from LKSOM is an extreme measure reserved for only the most significant breaches of the honor code or persistent code of conduct violations. After conducting hearings on student misconduct allegations, any imposed punitive measures such as suspension or expulsion are presented to the Senior Associate Dean for Education for final determination. If they wish to file appeals against their punishment, they have two weeks after receiving their sanction notification.

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Students with academic deficiencies or those who failed courses receive second chances through remediation offered by The Student Academic Standards and Promotions Committee. Students must satisfactorily complete all courses in each term before proceeding to the next phase of their program. They are required to pass several Step exams before promotion, with students that fail a course subject to remediation. In unsuccessful remediation cases, such students must retake the academic term entirely while under probation.

Experienced Advisory Attorney for Medical School Students

Institutional leaders at premier centers of medical education and research maintain impeccable reputations by managing the disciplinary process effectively, hence potentially imposing disproportional punitive measures with haste. Concerned students facing serious disciplinary action, including substandard academic performance or violations of academic integrity, should swiftly seek advisory assistance from a trusted attorney familiar with navigating school-specific disciplinary guidelines and due processes.

Todd Spodek is an attorney that understands the gravity of accusations on a student’s career outcome; thus, he works tirelessly to provide representation when you require it most concerning your  rights during hearings and appeals processes.

Table 1: Common Breaches of Professionalism

| Breach | Description |
| Weak management | Inability to manage academic obligations alongside clinical responsibilities effectively |
| Patient neglect | Failure to honor all patients’ needs properly |
| Communication | Exhibiting weak communication skills through failure to build proper rapport or empathy |

Table 2: Disciplinary Process Flowchart

Dismissal From The School Of Medicine

Following misconduct/behavior reports against learners:

  1. An investigation committee is formed.
  2. The Honor Board reviews potential violations after compiling all evidence.
  3. The board convenes after holding hearings where they may suggest various sanctions ranging from suspension/expulsion if found guilty.
  4. Punitive measures are presented to the Senior Associate Dean for Education for a final decision.
  5. The student may appeal the sanction within two weeks of notification.
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The Student Academic Standards and Promotions Committee manages students with academic deficiencies and failures. Students must satisfactorily complete all courses in each term before proceeding to the subsequent program’s phase. Failure to pass Step exams requires remediations while unsuccessful student remediations result in retaking the entire academic term supported by probation.

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