Lycoming College Title IX Violations

Lycoming College Title IX Violations

A Comprehensive Look at Lycoming College’s Sexual Misconduct Policy and Process

Lycoming College is highly committed to dealing with sexual misconduct within its student body in a serious manner. The institution has put in place a Sexual Misconduct Policy designed to tackle such allegations. This policy clearly outlines what constitutes sexual misconduct according to the College’s view, as well as how the institution will deal with students who contravene it. Despite the process for resolving instances of sexual misconduct being similar to that used for settling regular transgressions, there are some specific measures taken due to the severity of these accusations.

Lycoming College Sexual Misconduct Process

Immediately upon receiving an allegation of sexual misconduct from a student, Lycoming College’s administration initiates an investigation process aimed at concluding and resolving such cases. Throughout this procedure, the complainant (i.e., student who files a report) is distinguished from the respondent (the accused). Once the allegation is reported, Lycoming undertakes its assessment and decides what course of action will be most effective based on each particular incident. In general, because these accusations can be of a very serious nature, Student Conduct Board Hearings are used to resolve cases of sexual assault or harassment.

Student Conduct Board Hearings

The Student Conduct Board convenes specifically when addressing cases related to allegations of sexual misconduct. This board comprises specially selected members tasked with making decisions critical for handling said cases. When assembled by the appointed Chairperson, hearings commence following established procedures starting with introductions of the parties involved and their respective witnesses before summarizing pertinent evidence and questioning them through conventional means in suitable orders authorized by the Chairperson until both sides have submitted closing arguments.

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At hearings involving allegations of sexual misconduct at Lycoming College, students can be accompanied by an advisor they choose themselves according to policy. These charges have potentially severe long-term implications on one’s academic progress or professional reputation; therefore, it would benefit any student involved in these cases to seek legal advice from an attorney who will make sure to safeguard the rights and best interests of the accused student throughout every step of the process. With expert trial experience in dealing with sexual misconduct and Title IX cases, an attorney can significantly enhance a student’s ability to request methods of witness questioning that may influence how hearings come out while ensuring proceedings’ integrity is upheld.

Appeals at Lycoming College

If dissatisfied with a verdict deemed unfavorable, students have a right to appeal such decisions via compliant channels. This right entails submitting an official appeal within two (2) days after receiving notification about it. However, students must ground their case for yielding new information, setting up procedural mistakes, or pointing out excessive sanctions imposed on them.

In conclusion, by implementing its Sexual Misconduct Policy guidelines and establishing proven resolutions procedures for addressing incidents of sexual misconduct such as appointing a Student Conduct Board Hearing led by trained Chairpersons and allowing representation by well-versed legal counsel versed in handling Title IX cases , Lycoming College seeks to ensure that justice is served (and perceived as served) impartially based on concrete evidence established via proper procedural guidelines. As such, should you find yourself facing similar allegations at Lycoming College or believe that your rights might have been violated in this regard contact Attorney Todd Spodek today for prompt action.

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