Maine Title IX Advisor for LGBTQ+ Students

Maine Title IX Advisor for LGBTQ+ Students

Title IX Help in Maine for LGBTQ Students Accused of Misconduct

In Maine, 31 institutions offer post-secondary education to students. Similar institutions across America must abide by federal guidelines related to Title IX. This civil rights amendment was originally instituted by the US Department of Education in 1972 and prohibits sexually-based discrimination in educational institutions. Ongoing guidance and enforcement at the federal level fall under the responsibility of the Office of Civil Rights (OCR). All colleges and universities must designate a Title IX Coordinator who implements written procedures outlining how complaints related to sexual discrimination are handled. Institutions are given some latitude when creating provisions with the expectation that these will result in an equitable and fair process.

The most common violations of Title IX include denying or obstructing someone’s ability to participate in programs or activities based on gender or sexual orientation, and sexually-based harassment can be verbal or nonverbal. Harassment may also involve promoting stereotypes, making unwanted sexual advances, and more. Acts of sexual violence, such as rape or coercion, are strictly prohibited because they create a hostile learning environment that infringes upon someone’s civil rights.

LGBTQ Community & Title IX

Lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender (LGBT), and questioning/queer (Q) students account for roughly 10% of all undergraduate students in America. Often times; however, there are false characterizations and lingering stereotypes that leave LGBTQ+ students feeling like they may not be treated fairly–especially when they’ve been accused of sexual misconduct themselves. In these situations, it is strongly recommended that you retain experienced legal counsel as your advisor during this difficult time.

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Disciplinary Proceedings

Under investigation during disciplinary proceedings? The administrators responsible for these investigations will gather evidence such as witness testimony before hearing all parties involved. While many institutions have all parties appear for hearings during these proceedings; however they are not meant to resemble formal judicial proceedings. Ultimately; hearings are conducted by a panel of faculty and students who will then make a ruling on the allegations.

Traditionally, the evidentiary standard uses the “preponderance of the evidence,” which is also used in civil matters, but there’s an option to employ the “clear and convincing evidence” standard too. When accusations can be proven by meeting either of these standards; schools have a range of sanctions and penalties available for implementation upon violators. Suspension or expulsion are some of the more common sanctions for Title IX violations.

Student Rights

Federal Title IX regulations guarantee a few rights to respondents during disciplinary proceedings such as:

1. The right to review all allegations in writing
2. The right to have suitable preparation time before answering any allegations
3. The right to benefit equally from any exceptions made for one party compared to others
4. Allowing all parties involved to have their advisor present during this hearing in a supportive role.
5. The administration must ensure that conflicts of interest are unnecessarily avoided while ensuring fairness throughout the proceedings

It cannot be overstated how high are stakes for students facing such charges under Title IX, so retaining an experienced attorney-advisor will help level things out during investigations or appeals since even one small misstep could mean dire consequences down the line if not handled appropriately.

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Representation For LGBTQ Students Accused Of Violating Title IX

Have you been accused of violating Title IX in Maine? Todd Spodek is an attorney with years of experience representing those who face allegations like you do and defending them against undue scrutiny wherever necessary! He will work tenaciously on your behalf until victory is secured ensuring that regardless whatever school pops up on this list; you’ll always have someone looking after your best interests so contact Todd Spodek if ever caught up in this type investigation or trial! They include:

| Bates College | Colby College |
| Bowdoin College | College of the Atlantic |
| Central Maine Community College|Eastern Maine Community College|
|Central Maine Medical Center College of Nursing and Health Professions| Husson University |
|Colby College |Kaplan University Maine Campus |
|College of the Atlantic | Kennebec Valley Community College |
| Eastern Maine Community College |Landing School of Boat Building and Design |
|Eastern Maine Medical Center School of Nursing |Maine College of Art |
|Husson University |Maine Maritime Academy |
|Kaplan University Maine Campus |New England School of Communications |
|Kennebec Valley Community College |Northern Maine Community College |
|Landing School of Boat Building and Design |Saint Joseph’s College of Maine |
|Maine Central Institute | Southern Maine Community College |
|Maine College of Art |Thomas College |
|Maine Maritime Academy |Unity College |
|Marianmade Farm                    University of  New England  
|Mitchell Institute |University of Southern Maine  
|Momentum, Inc.   
Make sure your case is taken seriously; if you’re LGBTQ+, then the importance only intensifies as you fight to clear your name against non-LGBTQ+ persons who perhaps have social or cultural privileges that allow them more access to support networks necessary for such proceedings. With Todd Spodek in your corner; regardless whatever accusations are laid at your feet you can rest easy knowing there’s someone always ready & willing to fight those who seek prejudice instead fairness so contact him today!

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