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Title IX: Why You Need an Attorney-Advisor for Sexual Misconduct Cases at Manhattan College

Title IX is a federal law that prohibits all forms of sexual misconduct in federally funded colleges and universities, including Manhattan College. If you are accused of any sexual misconduct, such as rape, sexual assault, or harassment, it can lead to severe repercussions that can damage your graduation plans. This article aims to discuss Manhattan College’s disciplinary process for such cases and why hiring an attorney-advisor can benefit you if you find yourself in this predicament.

Manhattan College’s Disciplinary Process

Under Title IX, institutions like Manhattan College must resolve any cases of sexual misconduct immediately. Institutions found non-compliant risk losing their federal funding. As a complainant or a respondent in a Title IX case, it is crucial to understand the seriousness with which the school will approach your case.

Reporting Misconduct

All members of the college community should report any incidents of sexual misconduct immediately to the Title IX Coordinator. The college encourages students, faculty members, staff, vendors and visitors who witness, hear about or experience such violations to take prompt action.

The Investigation

During the investigation phase,’ the Title IX Coordinator will review written statements from both parties and evidence that sheds light on what happened during the incident. Evidence includes text messages, emails photos among others but not include prior history between the parties involved.

Formal Hearing

In situations where investigations uncovers enough evidence leading to formal charges being filed against an accused student will face a hearing tribunal that reviews their case. A Hearing Officer appointed by Manhattan College decides matters based on presented evidence following proper guidelines.

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Resolution and Appeal

Both parties involved in a case have every right to appeal against hearings officer’s finding including sanctions given after trial through legal representation. Grounds for appeal could include procedural error(s), substantial new evidence being presentable during trial or sanctions substantially above guideline recommendation by Manhattan College Community Standards and Student & Faculty Code of Conduct.

Importance of Legal Representation in Sexual Misconduct Cases

Should you find yourself being accused of sexual misconduct at Manhattan College, it is imperative to seek out a seasoned attorney-skilled in handling Title IX issues. The likelihood of success is higher with an attorney advising students how to navigate Title IX proceedings and build credible defense before the college administration. JOSEPH Spodek, a reputable New York-based attorney specialized in dealing with Title IX allegations can provide the necessary legal support for anyone looking to explore their options.


Title IX cases around sexual misconduct are serious cases that can affect both complainants and respondents significantly. Any party can make allegations against someone-however, in any such case, all parties involved should hire an attorney-advisor who knows how to protect your interests through navigating the intricate proceedings while keeping your reputation intact. To get your recommended lawyer representation or understand more about title IX issues reach out today at 88-535-3686 for help.

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