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Manhattan School of Music

Why Accused Students of Sexual Misconduct Need an Attorney-Advisor at Manhattan School of Music

Title IX of the Education Amendments is a federal law that prohibits sexual misconduct in federally funded colleges and universities. Being accused of sexual assault, Sexual harassment, Rape or any other form of sexual misconduct at the Manhattan School of Music is a Title IX violation that your school must resolve. If you are found “responsible” for this conduct, which could affect your graduation plans. This article aims to explain why students in this predicament need an attorney-advisor and how the Manhattan School of Music’s disciplinary program handles accusations under Title IX.

The Manhattan School of Music’s Disciplinary Process Under Title IX
The Department of Education urges compliant higher education institutions, including MSM, to respond immediately and fairly to cases involving allegations of sexual misconduct. They must be objective in their investigations and communicate all relevant information to both parties concerned—complainants who report the complaint and respondents accused or reported by a complainant should understand that their situation will be treated with seriousness equal to the offense committed. If MSM fails to act accordingly its federal funding may be discontinued or withdrawn.

Reporting Incident
MSM does not limit reporting timeframes for complaints against sexual misconduct. Complaints can be filed anonymously or confidentially during official hours with the Campus Health Nurse, counseling staff, or the Title IX Coordinator. However, theres more likelihood for investigation when complaints are filed promptly within 60 days after an incident occurs.

On receiving a report made against any individual regarding matters such as rape, sexual assault, or harassment under Title IX provisions; the schools coordinator for this section assesses investigations promptly to ascertain its validity.
If necessary, they proceed with a sweeping investigation carried out comprehensively by interviewing potential witnesses and attempting to gather any appropriate supporting documentation materials from both parties – complainants and respondents have equal opportunity rights at presenting evidence during invetigations of the alleged sexual misconduct case.

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An investigative report and summary of provisional findings will be produced at the conclusion of an investigation performed under Title IX provisions. All materials produced will then be transmitted to the Chief Resolution Officer (CRO) for adjudication.
In reviewing the investigative report, the CRO consults with other officials to determine a preponderance of evidence standard. Both parties are subsequently notified in writing whether they have been found responsible or not responsible for alleged sexual misconduct.

Appeals Process
The affected party may appeal adverse decisions that did not favor them by filing such within five business days from notification. In most cases, appeals will not be entertained after five business days. Appeals are generally allowed only when new evidence comes up, some error was made while conducting investigations or following resolution proceedings, or if any party involved finds an issued sanction either too severe or not sufficient giving regard to the gravity of the infraction.

New York Title IX Attorney
For students accused of sexual misconduct under Title IX provisions in Manhattan School of Music, choosing someone as their adviser during this period is optional. However, it is beneficial for them to pick an attorney who can help navigate this sensitive phase effectively and build a strong defense from accusations leveled against them.
Thats when you need Todd Spodek Attorney – A lawyer practicing exclusively on behalf of college students facing disciplinary action and long-term academic implications across New York state and throughout America!
You can contact us today via phone: 212-300-5196 toll-free or email:

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