Marywood University Title IX Violations

Marywood University Title IX Violations

Marywood University’s Fight Against Sexual Misconduct

Marywood University has taken a firm stance against instances of sexual misconduct occurring within its student body. In the event of such allegations, the university upholds a strict Sexual Misconduct Policy that enforces disciplinary actions for those found guilty.

Sexual Misconduct Procedure at Marywood University
The process begins once an official complaint has been filed on behalf of the complainant. A student filing a complaint is referred to as the “complainant,” while the accused student is called the “respondent.” While some cases may be resolved informally through mediation, sexual violence or assault are ineligible for informal resolution and will result in formal disciplinary investigations. The University takes necessary interim measures to protect all parties involved and may initiate changes to class schedules, housing arrangements, or impose temporary suspensions on respondents.

Investigation and Resolution Procedures
Investigations involve separate interviews with the complainant, respondent, and any known witnesses. During these interviews, students have an opportunity to suggest potential witnesses or evidence relevant to the investigation. The investigator will generate a written summary stating their findings along with recommended sanctions if appropriate. Any finding made by the investigator will utilize a standard of “a preponderance of evidence”. The Title IX Coordinator can either uphold this finding or present it before an appointed review panel. This panel conducts hearings including both parties involved for questioning during which students may submit questions regarding each others testimonies or provide witnesses.

During all stages of an investigation, students are entitled to have an advisor present with them at all times. Since charges involving sexual misconduct are serious and bear severe consequences affecting future academic and professional goals, affected students should come prepared with legal representation especially given that attorneys can provide adeep insight into cross-examination techniques and can also ensure that a student’s rights remain protected throughout proceedings as well as guide them through any adverse consequences following unsubstantiated accusations.

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Appeals policies at Marywood University
In the event of an unfavourable decision, students can file an appeal within ten (10) working days. Grounds for consideration include new evidence, procedural errors, claims that evidence was not considered, or claims that imposed sanctions were disproportionate.

It is essential to seek legal representation as soon as the allegations arise in court should you find yourself facing sexual misconduct allegations or Title IX charges at Marywood University. Todd Spodek will aggressively represent your interest throughout these proceedings to ensure positive outcomes that protect all parties concerned.

Table 1: Step-by-step Procedure for Sexual Misconduct Complaint

| Steps | Overview |
| ————- |————-|
| 1 | Complaint filing with University official|
| 2 | Interim Measures taken by the University to protect complainant and investigation integrity |
| 3 | Separate interviews conducted with complainant and respondent along with any relevant witnesses present |
|4 | The investigator will have a hearing panel if Title IX rejects their findings/recommended sanctions |
| 5 | Advisor Presence at all stages of Investigation |

Table 2: Grounds for Appeal Consideration and Review Panel Hearing Decision Guidelines

| Points to Consider| Overview |
|——————— |——————|
| Grounds for Appeals | During an investigation process, students have grounds for considering appeals based on provisions such as new evidence coming forth etc., which they can consider within ten working days after being announced guilty if there was any procedural error made during deliberations before delivering the punishment |
| Review Panel Hearing Decisions | The review panel conducts hearings including both parties involved in questioning sessions where witnesses also participate. Established guidelines are used by the review panel when arriving at their verdict after considerations of testimonies provided by all parties involved in the hearing process. |

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Marywood University has put policies into place establishing compliance regarding sexual misconduct safeguards by enacting a thorough Sexual Misconduct Policy. This policy sets in place an investigative and resolution procedure that ensures investigations are carried out impartially with advisors always present at all stages and to protect the rights of both parties affected. Grounds for appeal consideration processes are also guaranteed by existing guidelines set up to make sure they are done appropriately without violating any partys rights.

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