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Code of Conduct at Marywood University: Understanding the Process for Handling Violations

Marywood University has a Code of Conduct in place to maintain order and discipline among its student body. Students who fail to comply with the policies outlined in this code may be accused of violations, which can lead to disciplinary action. If you or someone you know is facing charges or investigation for violation, familiarizing yourself with the process for handling these situations will help you better navigate your way around.

The Marywood University Preliminary Hearing

If a report is filed against a student for violating conduct policies, the first step in the process is a Preliminary Hearing. This hearing involves the accused student and a designated official known as the Preliminary Hearing Officer. During this meeting, the purpose is to make an initial finding on whether or not to hold the accused responsible for violating conduct policies while also informing them of the procedures involved in filing violations. If students disagree with their preliminary hearing’s findings, they have three days from that date to officially request a Formal Hearing that takes things up another level.

Formal Hearings

A Formal Hearing can take two forms depending on whether its done by one person or a board called The Conduct Board made up faculty members students representatives. The board consists of 6 undergraduate students and 7 staff members (including Senior Director of Student Conduct and Residence Life) from which 5 people are selected with two faculty as well selected from each party’s right. A chairperson will preside over the hearings during deliberation until they come up with their final ruling.

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The basic process remains unchanged regardless of who conducts it. In both cases, both plaintiffs present their evidence before witnesses if any(whose competency determines by hearing authority). Once both sides have given all relevant information/ arguments, it’s time for concluding statements where decision when rendered based on sound facts presented.

University-affiliated advisers are available to students but mostly lack necessary experience or the skills to provide a strong defense at the hearing, hence the importance of involving an attorney. They offer students unparalleled insight in evidence presentation and courtroom tactics that can tip things in their favor, resulting in a more favorable outcome.

Marywood University Appeals

When facing disciplinary action and an unfavorable outcome, students have five business days to appeal to the Assistant Vice President for Student Life. The grounds for appeal include arbitrary sanction imposition, inconsistency with due process in conduct code compliance, new evidence coming forth, and non-review of relevant evidence during hearings. The Appeals Board comprised of members drawn from the Conduct Board may review appeals.

Dont Let Code of Conduct Violations Tarnish Your Record

Being accused of a Code of Conduct violation is not only stressful but can harm your reputation at school and beyond. Knowing what processes are involved in such cases gives you an edge over other students who may be experiencing similar challenges. With proper legal counsel from Todd Spodek Attorney at Law, we guarantee a smooth ride through any university discipline cases that you may have!

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