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Why You Need a New York Title IX Attorney If Accused of Sexual Misconduct at Medaille College 
If you attend Medaille College and have been accused of sexual assault, sexual harassment, or any other form of sexual misconduct, your school is obliged to investigate the matter due to Title IX regulations. Even if you maintain your innocence, this allegation could impact your academic future adversely. Therefore, it’s crucial that you understand the process and the need for an attorney-advisor.

Medaille College’s Disciplinary Process: Respondent
Medaille College takes all accusations of sexual misconduct very seriously in compliance with Title IX regulations. Complainants can file complaints against any student, employee, or third party that breaches the college’s sexual misconduct policy. When an accusation is brought to the College’s attention, the Title IX Coordinator will assign investigators who will review evidence and interview all relevant parties.
After conducting an investigation on the complaint brought against you, Medaille College may schedule a hearing before a three-member panel from its administration. Both the complainant (reporter) and respondent (accused) will air their statements before proceeding to clarification questioning regarding each statement. After testimony from both parties concludes and all relevant facts acquired by the investigator are presented, the panel shall base its decision according to preponderance of evidence.

Appealing Sanctions 
Any party involved may appeal sanctions within three business days after receipt of imposition based on one of these limitations:
(1) Breach of Medaille College investigative procedures;
(2) Previously unavailable relevant evidence impacting findings;
(3) Sanctions unreasonably excessive; or
(4) Decision unsupported by preponderance evidence.  

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The Importance of Retaining An Attorney-Advisor 
It doesn’t matter whether you are presumed innocent; once accused at Medaille College for sexual misconduct under Title IX rules, the consequences can forever change ones academic future as well as impact personal relationships. The Medaille College disciplinary process is potentially long, detailed, and complex. Therefore anyone faced with facing an accusation, whether accurate or not, is still best served having the advice and guidance of a reliable attorney-advisor.
At Todd Spodek Law, our attorneys are experienced in Title IX policy and anything related to cases involving sexual assault or any other sexual misconduct allegations. We provide a strong legal representation essential for this type of hearing.
Medaille College takes Title IX complaints extremely seriously; its disciplinary process follow strict guidelines from the Department of Education. If you face accusations of sexual misconduct within a federally funded school like Medaille College where Title IX rules apply, it’s essential that you have an attorney-advisor present to make sure that your rights are preserved throughout what could be a very intimidating investigative procedure. For more information about how Todd Spodek Law can help you navigate your case effectively, contact us today at 212-300-5196.

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