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Messiah College

Code of Conduct Governing Student Behavior at Messiah College

Messiah College is a Christian institution committed to promoting a safe and secure learning environment, as well as traditional Christian values. To achieve this, the college has put in place a Code of Conduct governing the behavior of all students on campus. The code is located in the student handbook and provides guidance on what is acceptable behavior and what isn’t. Students who violate the code are subject to disciplinary procedures outlined by the college.

Disciplinary Procedures

Whenever there’s a report of Code violation, an investigation is carried out by the Associate Dean of Students. At this stage, if the report is considered unfounded by this Authority, no further action will be taken. However, if found substantial reason for conducting further investigations into violations mentioned, then a more objective hearing process will occur with student respondents.

Administrative Decision

After due investigation into allegations made against a student, two options are available to them. The first option is Administrative Decision, which assumes non-contention against any allegations labeled against them; hence they accept guilt and responsibility for violations perpetrated by agreeing to any disciplinary sanctions arising from such violations. The administration handling this case cooperates with students to arrive at proper decisions in compliance with already laid-out policies.

Formal Hearings

The second option for students who reject allegations levied against them is Formal Hearing – where their cases get presented before an appropriate hearing body that includes either one hearing officer or multiple group committees such as the Student Government Peer Review Board or College Review Board depending on case severity and nature. Defendants are known as Respondents while fellow complainants represent their evidence during these hearings – called Complainant arguments.
The Respondents abilities allow challenging charges leveled without substantial proof while providing few defenses or attacking witness statements during these deliberations vehemently.

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Presence Of Support Person And Attorney Intervention

Students have an entitlement regarding their choice of representation throughout these processes but can be offered assistance when facing misdemeanors by lawyers. College authorities recommend that the support person assists and encourages them in their capacity to testify coherently during the hearing, while attorneys help operationalize courtroom tactics — such as witness questioning and evidence presentation — that improve the chances of acquittal.


If a student intends to appeal on any grounds following administrative decisions, they must challenge procedural error or an overly severe sanction within 5 business days from decision date. In contrast, for appeal after formal hearings, new evidence produced or a preponderance of evidence unsupported by their deposition makes an opportunity to challenge proceedings appropriately.

Get Professional Assistance

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