Mississippi Title IX Advisor for LGBTQ+ Students

Mississippi Title IX Advisor for LGBTQ+ Students

Title IX and LGBTQ+ Students in Mississippi

Mississippi is home to 41 colleges and universities, and all educational institutions that wish to remain eligible for federal funding are mandated by Title IX provisions to prevent all forms of discrimination, especially gender-based discrimination. This includes sexual harassment, exclusion, benefit denial or differential treatment based on gender or sexual identity. In case of any allegations related to Title IX, the administration is supposed to respond promptly and fairly while ensuring that there is no potential conflict of interest.

Title IX Coordinators

Every institution must appoint a Title IX Coordinator who creates policies and procedures for responding to Title IX allegations. The Coordinator’s responsibility includes naming an advisor for guidance and support during investigations if it becomes necessary. The investigative process may involve gathering witness testimony and reviewing evidence. The accused shall be notified of the charges against them and will be given sufficient time for response.

Allegations Against LGBTQ+ Students

An LGBTQ+ student undergoing investigation following a Title IX allegation may feel isolated and vulnerable due to fear that investigators may perceive them as guilty based on stereotypes or prejudices. In such cases, students are encouraged to consult with an attorney familiar with these matters.

Basis of Allegations Relating to LGBTQ+ Students Under Title IX (2010-2018)

According to reports, most complaints filed under Title IX regarding LGBTQ+ students fell under various categories as listed below:

* Sexual Harassment 56.9%
* Exclusion, benefit denial or other forms of differential treatment 20.1%
* Gender-related harassment (non-sexual) 19.5%
* Acts of retaliation 4.5%
* Other discipline-related acts 1.9%

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Potential Hearings and Burden on Proof under Titile Ix

There exist unique guidelines in every school regarding proceedings concerning the accuser(s), the accused, witnesses/hearsay rules, mediation processes geared towards mutually acceptable solutions rather than judicial-like proceedings. In most cases, a hearing panel consisting of the institution’s officials/other institutional leaders will render a decision with preponderance of the evidence – used in civil matters – as proof of allegations,.

Recently, new federal guidelines also allow institutes to apply clear and convincing evidentiary standards.

LGBTQ+ students facing allegations are encouraged to consult legal counsel for guidance and support during proceedings as advisors. All attorneys playing advisory roles are bound by some constraints according to the institution’s guidelines.

Todd Spodek: Your Ally

Todd Spodek is an experienced attorney who can provide advice in Title IX disciplinary cases concerning sexual harassment or any other form of discrimination comprehensively, both professionally and emotionally. He has supported many LGBTQ+ students in Mississippi and throughout the nation, allowing his clients’ well-being to remain prioritized over securing verdicts with optimized ease.

If you are purportedly accused of violating Title IX protocol at college or university within Mississippi, please feel free to contact Todd Spodek’s office at (888) 535-3686 for dependable legal representation

List of Mississippi Colleges and Universities Where You Can Find Help for Title IX Allegations

Tables can make information easier to digest; Below is an HTML code representing colleges and universities within Mississippi where Todd Spodek offers legal representation:

Coastal Carolina University

Mississippi Delta Community College

Mississippi School of Therapeutic Massage-Gulfport Campus 

Mississippi School of Therapeutic Massage-Hattiesburg  

Tougaloo College

Missisippi Valley State University

Northeast Mississippi community college

Northwest mississippi community college

Pearl river community college

Rust college

Southeastern Baptist college

Southwest Mississippi community College

List of Institutes in Mississippi Where Attorney Todd Spodek Offers Legal Representation
Alcorn State University Antonelli College Hattiesburg Antonelli College Jackson Belhaven University
Blue Cliff College Gulfport Blue Mountain College Coahoma Community College Copiah Lincoln Community College
Delta State University East Central Community College East Mississippi Community College Hinds Community College
Holmes Community College Itawamba Community College,

ITT Technical Institute Madisono

Jackson State University

Jones County Junior College

Meridian Community College

Miller Motte Technical College Gulfport, MS

Millsaps Collegiate Institute

The Mississippi Academy of Barbering, LLC-George County Campus The Mississippi Academy of Barbering, LLC-Jackson Campus The Mississippi Academy of Barbering, LLC-Oxford Campus

The Importance of Legal Advice

Title IX allegations can be detrimental to an accused student’s future if not defended promptly, properly and with passionate energy by a dedicated and experienced advocate. LGBTQ+ students and allies require specialized guidance throughout proceedings. If you are facing an accusation or know someone who is, call Todd Spodek today to ensure the best outcome possible.

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