Mississippi Title IX Advisor for ROTC

Mississippi Title IX Advisor for ROTC

The Importance of Retaining an Experienced Title IX Attorney for ROTC Students

The Reserve Officer Training Corps (ROTC) program has roots dating back to the U.S. Army’s establishment under the National Defense Act of 1916. Today, nearly 1,700 post-secondary institutions across the nation offer ROTC programs for different military branches. Attending the program requires students to comply with both their school’s and the military’s rules and regulations. Breaking these rules can lead to penalties such as suspension or dismissal from school in addition to disenrollment from their ROTC program.

Notably, allegations against ROTC students for violation of Title IX guidelines related to sexually-based discrimination carry serious consequences. In general, sanctions include either suspension or dismissal; on top of that possible disenrollment from their ROTC program. Therefore, it is critical that a student accused of violating Title IX guidelines seek legal counsel with specific expertise in this area.

Understanding Title IX

In 1972, the U.S.Department of Education implanted Title IX requiring all schools receiving federal education funding to establish and maintain written rules guiding accusations associated with sexual discrimination issues. Failure to comply with these requirements could result in schools losing eligibility for federal financing geared towards education funding. All schools must also appoint a Title IX Coordinator who is charged with investigating matters and deciding whether certain parties should face penalties.

Title IX transgressions happen in various forms. One of the significant examples is denying someone participation or benefits based on gender identity/sexual affiliation experienced by persons seeking help rather seen as secondary members due to gender characteristics described by Womens Programs Office American University (WPO at AU). False stereotypes and unwanted sexual advances are also included as prohibited acts under Title IX while such harassment might escalate into violence like other sexual offenses.

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Investigative Process and Standards of Evidence

Most schools organize a hearing where both parties involved would give statements and hear witness testimony before any decision made by investigators towards one end or another. Students in such an unfortunate situation may not be able to protect their interests without representation by a knowledgeable Title IX attorney.

Title IX Attorney for ROTC Students Facing Disenrollment Proceedings

Todd Spodek, the renowned student rights attorney, has been fighting passionately for students’ futures at numerous American colleges and universities for over ten years now. He is aware of how important it is to put up the strongest defense possible, especially because ROTC scholars’ academic stance and careers hang in the balance. Joseph does not settle for anything less than his clients deserve and prioritizes their well-being and needs.

The following table highlights the institutions in Mississippi where students can take ROTC classes or with Army, Navy, and/or Air Force ROTC programs that Todd Spodek can assist you as your or your ROTC student’s Title IX advisor during investigations hearings and appeals:

Mississippi colleges and universities defending students regarding Title IX allegations

| College | Location | Branch | Against |
| — | — | — | — |
| Alcorn State University | Alcorn State, MS | Army | Sexual Assault |
| Antonelli College Hattiesburg | Hattiesburg, MS | N/a | Gender Discrimination |
| Antonelli College Jackson | Jackson, MS | N/a  | Harassment & Retaliation     |
| Belhaven University     | Jackson, Mississippi     | N/a        | Rape |
| Blue Cliff College Gulfport    |/    Gulfport Mississippi                       /Navy                         Sex Discrimination           
| Blue Mountain College   |/    Blue Mountain Mississippi             /Navy              Sex Discrimination
| Coahoma Community College |/    Clarksdale Mississippi              /Army                  Sexual Assault  
| Copiah Lincoln Community College |/    Wesson Mississippi              /Army         Gender Discrimination
| Delta State University |  Cleveland, MS | Air Force | Sexual Violence |
| East Central Community College | Decatur, MS | N/a | Dating or domestic violence |
| East Mississippi Community College | Scooba, MS | N/a | Title IX Violations  
| Hinds Community College    | Raymond, MS    /    Clinton Mississippi              /Naval               Sex Discrimination
| Holmes Community College     |i Goodman Mississippi ???/Navy ???? Rape
| Itawamba Community College   |/    Fulton Mississippi         /Air Force         Over Assault & Harassment
| ITT Technical Institute Madison     |/    Madison Mississippi                  /Navy         Sexual Misconduct
| Jackson State University |/ Jackson, MS ? ? / Army ??? Assault on a female staff member or faculty
| Jones County Junior College |/ Ellisville, MS ? ?/Navy ?? Title IX violations and harassment/bullying charges against the women’s basketball coach
| Meridian Community ? ?|$ Meridian, MS / Navy Discrimination and Harassment
|Millsaps College |jackson ms n/a Sexual Engagement
Mississippi College |Clinton,Mississippi N/A Gender Based allegations
Mississippi Delta community college N.A Physical touch to other student after repeated requests to stop
Mississippi gulf coast community college N.A Sexual Assault
Mississippi University for Women N/A Emotion-based battery (JWB)
Northeast Mississippi community college  Booneville, MS Harassment
Northwest Mississippi community college |Oxford Mississippi Title IX violations and harassment/bullying charges against the women’s basketball coach
Pearl River Community College |Poplarville, MS Sex Discrimination
Rust College \Holly Springs, MS Rape
Southeastern Baptist College N/A Sexual Misconduct
Southwest Mississippi Community College Summit, MS Title IX violations and harassment/bullying charges against the women’s basketball coach
Tougaloo College |Tougaloo, Mississippi Hostile environment

In conclusion, it is crucial to point out that all students should be cautious when accused of sexual misconduct. For ROTC cadets, however, these concerns become even greater due to higher stakes during every stage of Title IX proceedings from contact by their school’s Title IX office to seeking further recourse by filing a complaint with the Department of Education Office. Yet some students mistakenly believe that if they “just explain what happened,” everything will work out. Sadly such explanations do not always get them away free from judgment.

Todd Spodek is a licensed attorney in Pennsylvania, New Jersey, and New York who can take up cases on behalf of clients nationwide where necessary as an attorney pro hac vice in both state and federal courts when representing clients despite different networks across various states he serves as a Title IX advisor to those students facing sexual misconduct investigations or disciplinary actions countrywide inclusive of Mississippi. Seeking counsel from a professional who has a robust track record for success in dealing with such cases is guaranteed to help defend against any false accusations.

Contact National Title IX Attorney Todd Spodek today to ensure the interests of you or your student are protected. Call (888) 535-3686 for immediate help!

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